The Worlds Oldest Coffee Shops


Most of the time it’s nice to have long talks with history over a cup of coffee. It’s only not just enjoying a story, but at the same time, you are learning something while having a great cup of coffee.

So here’s a little history to read while you enjoy sipping your coffee. The top five oldest coffee in the world.

Your ultimate guide to coffee: Arabica Vs. Robusta

Arabica and Robusta Coffee beans
Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee beans

We have been drinking coffee since discovering the exhilarating taste of this and the pleasure it gives for every sip. But for some who are still beginning to discover the pleasure of it, you might have a lot of questions in your mind about coffee. If you are one of them seeking more knowledge about coffee you came to the right place.

California Is Now Growing There Own Coffee

Coffee cherries harvested in Coffee farm in California.
Coffee cherries harvested in Coffee farm in California.

Most coffee shops in United Stated are brewing their Joes with beans from countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Yemen. But seems like today’s world a change is coming in the US coffee industry where they are now embracing coffee farming with a new crop of coffee growers is working to get coffee brewed from California-grown beans.

The coffee farming idea in California was started by Mark Gaskell who worked in coffee-growing regions in Central America, and when he moved to California he noticed coffee plants growing in gardens and wondered if large-scale production was an option.

He started his coffee transplant in 2001 in the University of California Cooperative Extension, and he found out that the sub-tropical plants could thrive in the Golden State. Later on, Gaskell recruited Jay Ruskey of Good Land Organics to help with trials, hoping coffee could be a valuable niche crop to help sustain small farms.

The Perfect No Sugar Iced Recipe


What’s brewing for the weekend?

Oh, thank God it’s the weekend finally, we can move on from Valentine’s sweetness, and from the heavy feast of celebrating the Chinese New Year. So with this week’s coffee weekend treat, we want to share something that is light and not over the top to compliment with the heavy celebration we had over the week.

The Truth About Decaf Coffee

decaf coffee good or bad

What type of coffee drinker are you? Do you prefer regular coffee or decaffeinated coffee?

For some of us, we prefer drinking decaffeinated coffee because of the thought that it has a lesser caffeine content to it. Well, that is true, but did you know that decaffeinated coffee has a bad side effect on our body?

Too much caffeine is indeed bad for us, but decaffeinated coffee is much riskier to drink if you don’t drink moderately, for it may lead to some nutrient deficiencies that our body needs.

Here are 5 unexpected side effects of decaf coffee that we should all know.

14 Best Coffee Shops In Washington DC

Washington DC coffee shop
Spotted by locals

Here are 14 best coffee shops in Washington DC To take your date this Valentines Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day coffee lovers! Since it’s already the 21st-century lengthy dinners, silent cinema screenings and walks in the park are not on trend these days. With the sweater weather outside the ideal Valentine’s date, today is a coffee date. It’s warm, cozy, and guaranteed that you will not regret it.

As you prepare your plans for the day, let ‘s take a tour of the 14 Valentine’s Day Coffee Venues in Washington DC.

Starbucks is opening it’s first ever Reserve Coffee Bar in Toronto

IMAGE courtesy of Starbucks

There is no stopping this big coffee chain in expanding their business, so after last years announcement of their largest Reserved Roastery in China here comes another surprise from Starbucks.

Valentines Coffee Treat : HOT BUTTERED TOFFEE COFFEE

IMAGE courtesy of Genius Kitchen

Three more days to go before Valentine’s day and we can already feel the sweetness overflowing everywhere, so we wanted to share something warm and sweet that is a perfect coffee treat for Valentine’s date or even the weekend.

Why Go On A Coffee Date On Valentine’s Day?

Photo by on Unsplash

February is the month of love and Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Whether this has been your traditional date or fifty-first date a coffee date is a practical way to celebrate Valentine’s day without going overboard to your budget, here’s why?

Ten Coffee Shops To Visit In China


With the last year’s announcement of Starbucks opening their largest Roastery in Shanghai China coffee lovers around the world is excited to take a peek at it. So if you want to see up close in personal the largest Starbucks Reserved Roastery in Shanghai China, this is the perfect month to pack your bags and join the celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival while visiting the largest roastery.