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5 Signs that shows you are a coffee addict.

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For most of us, we drink coffee because we believe that this is the gasoline of life. A beverage that wakes our zombie appearance and gives us the energy to face the day.

With the right amount of coffee, we drink it can help us to improve our overall health, sharpen our memory, and boost our energy, but too much coffee can also cause harm to us so, it’s better to take precaution and drink your coffee moderately. But sometimes, we are not aware that we are exceeding our coffee limitations until some signs start kicking in.

Here are five obvious signs that show you are a coffee addict.

1. Having difficulty with sleep

Insomnia is the most common effect of having too much coffee. A lot of times even we counted 100 sheep to help us get to sleep seems like it’s not helping to relax our brain so, this might be an indication that you drink too many cups of coffee throughout the day.

Many of the coffee studies have found that too much coffee can lower the number of hours you sleep and, greatly reduce the quality of sleep. The cup of coffee you had in the afternoon can end up giving you a sleepless night as coffee stays in your system for close to 15 hours.

2. Irregular heartbeat

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant. Sometimes if we exceeded to our daily dose of coffee may cause to heart palpitation. If this is not taken care of this may lead to heart arrhythmias in which the heart may develop irregular heartbeats which may cause the heart to beat faster or slower than usual. Heart arrhythmias can be fatal if not attended to, so if you experience this symptom better yet stop drinking coffee and consult your doctor.

While a cup of coffee may not necessarily cause you heart problems, excessive consumption is detrimental to your cardiac well-being.

3. Nausea and stomach upsets

Some say experiencing nausea and stomach upset is the enjoyment of drinking coffee and if you don’t experience these things you are missing the what so-called exhilarating feeling of drinking coffee or the “coffeegasm” stage. But sometimes the feeling of nausea and stomach discomfort is unbearable for some and your morning dose of coffee might be the reason for that unless you are pregnant and it’s the morning sickness kicking in.

Some people are sensitive to caffeine or for some because of too much drinking coffee they already develop an allergic reaction to caffeine. We need to understand that our stomach lining can sometimes be hostile to coffee which is acidic and this may give you nausea, stomach upsets, and diarrhea. So next time you experience this don’t be quick to blame the burger you had for lunch because you might have too much coffee this morning that may cause your discomfort.

4. Anxiety, nervousness, and stress

Some people are sensitive to caffeine, but for some, they develop their caffeine sensitivity over the course of time. So if you suddenly feel anxious and nervous, it may be a sign that you consume too much coffee. The restlessness is brought about by the coffee’s effect on the nervous system, which it stimulates making you feel jumpy and jittery.

Because of caffeine coffee accelerates the rate of production of the fight and flight hormones, adrenaline and dopamine. These hormones increase your anxiety levels and can also make you more irritable and likely to have anger outbursts.

5. Exhaustion and fatigue

Coffee is a stimulant that gets your energy levels up instantly, but this can have an unwanted effect on your body later on. Sometimes having too much coffee can lead you to exhaustion and fatigue, where you will use up all your energy in just a period of time, and leaves you completely worn out after the effects of the coffee wear off. When you feel exhausted this leads you to have another cup of coffee to regain the energy, but all this does is make you reliant on coffee for even the most minute tasks.

Why keeping your coffee beans in the fridge is the best way to store them?

why we should store our coffee beans inside the fridge?

There are a lot of articles saying to store our coffee beans in an airtight container and keep it at room temperature. But did you know that keeping your coffee beans in the fridge is the best way to store them?A new study suggests there’s added benefit to this practice: more flavorful coffee.

Scientists from the University of Bath, in collaboration with a local cafe, studied the effects of grinding beans at different temperatures—from room temperature all the way down to a chilly -196°C.

During the study, the researchers said, “We get more bang for the buck when we grind cold coffee beans. That’s because the particles within coffee beans get tighter as the temperature gets lower. So during the brewing process, we get more flavor from the same amount of coffee.”

Brewing coffee is like chemistry where we wanted to coax as many tasty organic molecules from the roasted bean, which has been ground into tiny bits. The flavor will depend on the brewing process such as water, the accessible surface area of the coffee, and as the new study shows, the temperature of the bean when it was ground.

The researchers point out that small, and uniform coffee grounds has better extraction of the flavors which allows for more coffee per bean, and consequently more flavor.

“What you’re looking for is a grind that has the smallest difference between the smallest and largest particle,” noted Christopher Hendon, a chemistry Ph.D. student at the University of Bath. “If you have small grinds you can push flavor extraction upwards. We found that chilling the beans tightens up this process and can give higher extractions with less variance in the flavor—so you would have to brew it for less time or could get more coffee from the same beans.”

Hendon said this alters the taste of coffee because “subtle changes in particle size distributions make a huge difference in rate of extraction.” His team proposes that the temperature of the bean should be more steady to achieve consistent grinds and that cooler temperatures maximize surface area, allowing more of the coffee bean to be utilized.

So if you are keeping your coffee beans in your fridge all this time then there is nothing wrong about that, this study fortifies the idea that we should keep our coffee beans as cool as possible

This article is first published at Gizmodo by 
George Dvorsky.

Nutella Hot Coffee

IMAGE credits to Seasoned Sprinkles

Though it’s already springtime, it is still snowy and cold outside, and since it’s the weekend again, this is the perfect timing to make something coffee and chocolatey to enjoy over the weekend.

So for this weekend, we will make a Nutella Hot Coffee this is something luxurious drink weekend kind of treat.


  • 3 cups brewed coffee
  • 1 cup half and half, milk, or cream
  • 1/2 cup sugar or sweetener
  • 1/4 cup Nutella
  • whipped cream and chocolate sauce for topping


Pour brewed coffee, half and half, sugar, and Nutella into a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir until Nutella melts and all ingredients are combined. Cook until hot, about 5 minutes with room temperature coffee. Top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Enjoy this delicious coffee treat and have a great weekend!

This coffee recipe is from Seasoned Sprinkles         

This Coffee Shop In Goodna Ipswich Is Changing Lives Of Homeless People

Homeless people enjoying their cup of coffee at the Meeting Place Cafe in Goodna
Image credits to Sarah Marshall | The Meeting Place Cafe in Goodna. Blake Arnott pictured with a coffee someone has kindly paid for.

Small ways can do big things for others especially when it comes from the heart like the pioneering coffee shop in Ipswich which supports the homeless through, a heartwarming “pay it forward” gesture.

The Meeting Place at Goodna combined with the Salvation Army is a home for everyone who’s in need of coffee. The community cafe caters not just for their patrons, but its doors are also open to the homeless people where they can freely sit down and have good cappuccino or latte donated by the community.

The cafe manager Arlouise Brooking said ” the “suspended” coffee program was adapted from an American model to suit the need in the Goodna community.”

A Study Says Coffee Can Help Clear Toxins In The Arteries.

coffee is good for the heart

It’s no surprise that coffee has many health benefits that can help prevent some diseases, and there are a lot of studies linking coffee to as a preventive measure for heart illnesses.

There is a new study, about drinking three cups of coffee a day clears out your arteries and could help beat heart disease.

The list of countries with the most expensive cup of coffee

The Coffee Map

The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to make a cup of coffee or if we don’t have time we often get our Joe to the nearest coffee shop before heading to our workplace.

Coffee is the gasoline of life, so when we travel abroad or go on a business trip, we often look for a good place to get a cup of coffee. That is why whether the coffee is expensive or not as long as its a good coffee we don’t mind paying the price for a quality, Joe.

The Ultimate Secret To making A Perfect Cup of coffee

How to make a perfect cup of coffee

The world of coffee is never-ending research for the scientist to find answers for so many things that link to coffee including in making a perfect cup.

There are a lot of coffee articles today teaching us how to make a perfect cup of coffee but seems like research doesn’t stop in finding answers. There is a new study about the secret of making the perfect cup of coffee by Dr. Christopher Hendon, an assistant chemistry professor at the University of Oregon.

Do It At Home Easter Coffee Recipes

Easter Coffee Recipe

Easter celebration is coming our way and, everybody is busy planning their Easter activities and of course preparing the eggs for the Easter egg hunt. But Easter is not just a celebration of Mr. Bunny and his eggs, but it’s also a season of hot cross buns and our favorite seasonal drinks available to our local coffee shops.

To feel more the spirit of the Easter celebration here are a few of Easter coffee drinks that is so easy to make and add a bit of fun to your holiday.


This coffee drink is a sure delight for everyone though it’s not the lowest calorie coffee this drink is worth to blow your diet for.

How Cafe Joe became an international coffee brand

best Amazon Coffee Cafe Joe USA

Hundreds of millions of people start their day the same way: with a cup coffee.

Whether you’re a dreary morning commuter in Southern California’s traffic or an early bird in Eastern Europe, a classic cup of joe in the morning plays an important role in getting you through the day.

Cafe Joe has gone great lengths to make this morning ritual as enjoyable possible, providing the world with the highest quality coffee. Their line of coffee products ensure convenience, quality, and a healthy, tasty dose of caffeine will be hitting the bottom of your mug every morning.

The Perfect Nutella Iced Latte For The Weekend

Nutella Iced Latte
IMAGE courtesy of Fountain Avenue Kitchen

We can’t wait for the full bloom of spring, but hey it’s the weekend, and we can see that the weather starts changing so have we prepared something sweet and chilled for you to savor with your family and friends for a weekend coffee treat.

Nutella Iced Latte by Ann of Fountain Avenue Kitchen