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10 Coffee Table Hacks To Get You Ready For Spring.

Rustic coffee table

The ice started to melt outside, and birds are coming out from their nook, chirping from the branches of trees signaling us that springtime is here. So, this is the time where we can begin to refresh the look fo our living spaces with bright, and colorful pieces to invite the cheerful spirit of spring throughout our home.

The most common area that gets a revamp for all season is typically our living room. Because this is where we receive our guest and spend the most time with our family, and most of the time the piece of furniture that gets a spring refresh is the coffee table.

Is there a correlation between coffee and cannabis?

Coffee and Cannabis

Our morning cup of drug a.k.a coffee had studied by the experts continuously to look for definite answers to its correlation with its health benefits. And there is a new study circulating on the web related to coffee and cannabis, and everyone went gaga after hearing this news. So, what is coffee has to do with cannabis?

We know that the main component of coffee is caffeine that gives us the pump in our heart and the kick to our brain, and a lot of articles say that coffee has a lot of health benefits that could help with some diseases. However, the true impact of coffee on health is still poorly understood.

Oat Milk Is the New Substitute For the Almond Milk Coffee

Oat Milk Is the New Substitute For the Almond Milk Coffee

Can you drink your morning Joe without adding creamer or milk in it? Well, some of us love black coffee and can drink up straight, but most of us cannot live without creamer or milk in our morning coffee.

Coffee is the second traded commodity in the world next to oil this is the evidence that our love in coffee is growing and as time goes by, we develop a lot of things to improve and enjoy more our daily cups of coffee by adding creamer, sugar, milk and other spices in it.

The way you choose your coffee could make you fat

Large morning cup of coffee

Some of us are not naturally born coffee lovers, most of us were influenced by our friends or advertisements we see on TV, and some are hooked up to drinking coffee because of the health benefits that coffee can give to our body. No matter what your reasons for drinking coffee always remember that too much can also bring a negative effect on our body.

Well, for Americans coffee has become part of our daily routine, and most of the time we can’t live without our morning, Joe. But have you ever question yourselves if the way we choose to drink our java be negatively affecting our weight?

According to dietitian Geraldine Georgeou, whether we choose to have a latte or a long black from our local barista can have a huge impact on your health.

Kenya Is In A Crisis Of Coffee Farmers


Kenya had a reputation for producing quality coffee beans, but the country is now struggling to meet the demands as production levels have dropped due to younger generations lack of interest in farming.

“The German school in Nairobi, when I was there in 1980, ’82, when I went to school there, we were surrounded by coffee fields,” said Stefan Canz with Nestle’s Nescafe Plan in Kenya. “We were doing sports competitions around there in the coffee field. And, now there’s a shopping mall, there’s houses, there’s everything. So, you have to go really up country to find now the next coffee trees.”

Puppy Paws Coffee Sells Coffee To Support The Needy.

the best coffee subscription box
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“We can make a positive impact on the world with every cup of coffee.”

It’s no surprise that coffee is the most well-loved beverage all over the world that is why we believe just like the love that coffee makes the world go round. But coffee is not just a caffeinated drink that we enjoy neither fuels up our body to jump start our day, but we can do better things with our cup of coffee than just enjoying it.

Ms. Tonja Osborne and her daughters started their coffee adventure in, November 2017 called Puppy Paws Coffee. It’s a unique concept of sharing their love of coffee while making a positive impact on the world.

A peek at Starbucks coffee farm in Costa Rica.

Inside Starbucks coffee farm tasting room in Costa Rica

The big coffee chain is getting bigger, and now venturing to a larger scale in the coffee business that they are now dominating in not just a coffee shop, but also in coffee production.

Starbucks had recently announced that they were opening their doors of one its coffee farms to give the public a chance to see how they source its beans.

About 45 minutes from the Costa Rican capital of San Jose sits a nearly 600-acre coffee farm called Hacienda Alsacia. Starbucks purchased it in 2013 and has used it as a global research and development facility.

What happens when we add oil to our morning coffee?


Health issues are one of the hottest topics in the society especially in the field of losing weight. In today’s world where everybody is very cautious about what they are taking into their body, businesses are making dietary supplements from capsules, powder and liquid form.

So there’s no surprise when there is a new product that is sold in the market talking about helping you to lose weight especially when it’s related to coffee.

The Ultimate Coffee Liquor For Millennial’s

Black twist the coffee for millennial
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“Uninspired by overly sweetened liqueurs, we decided to take a bold new approach to combining coffee and spirits.”

We say that coffee is a beverage for everyone but nowadays in a world of the millennials, coffee is hard to define for which most of the time millennials need to be pleased to be on trend for they are the target audience in today’s business.

A lot of coffee shops today are slowly revolutionizing their coffee game not just to be on trend but also to be a certified millennial drink.

Coffee Crisp Smoothie Recipe

Healthy coffee crisp smoothie recipe
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Finally, it’s the weekend again so we can relax our body and brain cells from the week’s jobs.

For this weekend coffee treat, we have something healthy and sweet for you to enjoy this weekend.