A Horror-themed Cafe Is Opening its Doors This November.

Coffee Shop Of Horror

Peekaboo! The darkest season is approaching, and this means a darker roast for us coffee lovers.

The city of Orlando will be hosting a horror-themed coffee shop this fall called Coffee Shop of Horrors. These coffee stores are brick-and-mortar shops for fall, offering international roasts and spooky treats.

Coffee Shop Of Horrors

The Coffee Shop of Horrors is a seasonal coffee shop that only opens during November. The shop is a full brick-and-mortar cafe and bakery selling its line of fresh roasted beans and blends for two decades with names such as zombie dirt, graveyard shift, and roastbusters.

The shop offers coffee beans from around the world, from Africa to Latin America to Indonesia with four dozen blends and is set to release two more this fall.

Don’t you think this is a unique coffee shop to visit on Halloween?

The Coffee Shop Of Horrors is expected to open in Montverde this month with a bigger and scarier location coming to Clermont in November.

“The downtown Clermont shop will be our flagship because it will be really spectacular,” Stan said. “It’s gonna be like the Rainforest Café with horror all over it.”

Sta added “It’s not just for people that are drawn for the horror aspect,” she said. “It’s really good coffee.”

So what do you think about this coffee shop? Don’t you think this is a spooktacular treat for us coffee lovers? Leave us your comment below, happy Halloween!