A Study Says Coffee Can Help Clear Toxins In The Arteries.

coffee is good for the heart

It’s no surprise that coffee has many health benefits that can help prevent some diseases, and there are a lot of studies linking coffee to as a preventive measure for heart illnesses.

There is a new study, about drinking three cups of coffee a day clears out your arteries and could help beat heart disease.

Scientists at the University of Sao Paulo took dietary information and Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) readings from more than 4,400 study participants, nearly all of whom drank coffee.

The researchers have found that those who drank larger amounts of coffee had a lower CAC reading showing that they have a lower calcium deposit in their arteries allowing for a better blood flow.

However, even the study shows a positive effect of drinking a large amount of coffee it doesn’t mean that we can already abuse our selves that is why the researchers have also suggested limiting the coffee intake to three cups a day because anymore can be harmful.

“Other studies have already shown that excessive consumption of this beverage may not bring health benefits,” the study author, Andreia Miranda, said. “In our research, we found that habitual consumption of more than three cups a day of coffee decreased odds of coronary calcification.”

Though there are a lot of articles and studies saying that coffee is good for the heart, but there is no concrete evidence to prove the theory, although scientists believe the antioxidant plant compounds in coffee may be responsible for some of the benefits.

The European Food Safety Agency suggests adults should not have more than 400mg of caffeine a day – roughly about four cups of coffee.

Experts have warned that those who exceed the limits can develop health problems, like anxiety and heart failure. The NHS also warned that drinking too much caffeine can lead to miscarriages and birth defects.

source: The Telegraph