Amazing Coffee Nooks For 2018

DIY Coffee bars at home

2018 is screaming for redecorating our coffee nooks at home.

We found this cool coffee bar ideas that can add comfort and warmth to your home this 2018.

Wine Rack Coffee Bar

Small space wine rack and coffee bar

A simple, and convenient bar for a coffee lover and wine lover. Nothing extravagant in design but it’s a small place where you can make a coffee, show your collection of mugs, and a place where you can showcase your favorite wines.

Rolling coffee cart

Rolling Coffee cart with coffee machines on top and mugs at the bottom.

A stylish yet simple way to create a coffee bar is using a rolling cart. You can buy a rolling cart in Ikea, or you can make it your self. What’s nice about rolling coffee carts is you can position it anywhere in your home, and you can customize the things you want to showcase. You can place your coffee machine on top of the cart, and some fo your favorite k-cups. On the second layer, you can put your mugs and other coffee seasonings, and below you can put your other coffee makers and coffee decorations.

Turning Your Bookshelves Into Coffee Bar

coffee bar bookshelves.

Sometimes your old dividers or bookshelves can be turned into something else. Like a bookshelf can be turned into a coffee bar. What’s great about using your bookshelves into a coffee bar is you can have enough space to keep all your coffee accessories.

Tiered Tray Coffee Bar

Tiered Tray Coffee bar for small space.

Tired Tray Coffee bar is ideal for small spaces because it doesn’t eat a lot of space and adds organization to cluttered things. You can place this tired tray on your countertop, or kitchen table. Sometimes these simple ideas make the most sense of all.

A statement coffee table

Gorgeous blue dresser turned into coffee bar station

You can make a statement in a neutral-colored room by using a table or dresser that’s painted in a bright or bold color. Bright and bold colors sure to make a big impact, but you can still tone it down a bit by using neutral tones of decorations.

Whether you are planning to create your small coffee nook or planning for redecoration, these fab ideas are sure to bring you inspirations.

Source: Pinterest