Americans most wanted coffee drink

latte in a white ceramics cup

It is no longer surprising that Americans love coffee where coffee has already become part of their morning ritual whether they are at home and making their single-serve coffee on their favorite coffee machine or run out of their beloved coffee pods and went straight to the nearest coffee shops to grab a cup of coffee before heading to the office or right after dropping the kids to school. America is a city where we can spot coffee shops at every corner. What’s surprising is that despite how many coffee chains in America and did you know what Americans most wanted coffee drink?

You might be thinking that its brewed coffee or espresso hence its a popular coffee drink and it is what mostly made at home. Yes, that is true, but, unexpectedly, a latte is American most wanted coffee drink. According to the Specialty Coffee Association and Square, a credit card processing service, the coffee drink that was ordered the most between June 2017 and June 2018 was, in fact, the traditional latte. Americans drank over 67 million lattes during that time frame.

If you notice when you go to a coffee shop out of ten people ordering coffee, seven of them are mostly getting a latte, and the other are the ones who explore other variants. And if it is your first time familiarizing yourself to the world of coffee, your first choice in mind when ordering is a latte.

So why latte has become the Americas most wanted coffee drink?

For coffee aficionados, they might say you are not drinking coffee if it is a latte go for espresso or Americano to experience a real pleasure. Latte may not be a favorable drink for some, but it is the most versatile drinks in all the coffee variations, which has the ability to adopt a lot of different flavors and customizations, that is why it is no wonder it’s the number choice for a lot of coffee lovers, especially for coffee beginners. Latte flexibility is what makes it stand out from the rest of other coffee, and it considerably appeals to the palate of most American coffee drinkers, who typically request two add-ons to their coffee order. 

Another thing why people are hooked up with the latte it is because its the fanciest coffee you can order. For the baristas, a latte is where all the magic happens of which they can put their decorative styles, and people love that, the stylish art of latte like the rosetta is appealing to consumers which adds to the lattes selling point. 

What is a latte, and how is it made?

For reference, a latte is a creamy espresso drink which is creamier than its other espresso-laden counterparts, such as the cappuccino and the macchiato. There’s a reason for that—most of the warm drink is made up of steamed milk. That piping hot milk is poured over top a shot of espresso and then topped with milk foam, which is typically traced into beautiful art or what is called the latte art.