Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen

Top five list of Copenhagen Coffee Shops

It’s no doubt that Copenhagen is a beautiful city where there are lots of tourist destination, bars, and nightclubs you can enjoy. And when it comes to coffee shops, Copenhagen city center is abundant in coffee shops, where you can easily spot a cafe for a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, or place to chill and enjoy a beautiful day while having a coffee.

Here’s a list of the Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen.

Paludan Bogcafé

Inside Paludan Bogcafé in Copenhagen

With the spacious location, a lot of books and good coffee this coffee shop is a perfect spot to camp for the day. Paludan Bogcafé is located in the capital and next to the university that is why it’s the ideal cafe for students and people who need to get their work done with an endless cup of coffee. Also, even for those who do not have work to do and wants to relax for the day, they can still enjoy a hot cup of coffee while reading a book.


Inside Bevar's coffee shop in Copenhagen

A cozy place to stay in Copenhagen where it is far from the city, and you get your work done without having the distraction, has fast and reliable free wifi, friendly at atmosphere, and they are serving a good cup of coffee. So if you need some quiet space to focus and get all your job done, you should check this cafe. They also have a lot of power outlets everywhere in case you need your batteries to be charge and continue doing your work.

Wecycle Copenhagen

Wecycle bike shop and coffee shop in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a trendy place where it’s not all about wifi or workspace, but something new to your taste the Wecycle shop in Denmark Copenhagen is worth to visit. This coffee shop caters not only for Java but also a place to find one of the World’s notable custom bikes.

Haukur Thorr, is the made behind this cool concept of combining a bike shop and a coffee shop. So while the bike shop’s employees do their alchemy recycling and upcycling used bikes, skilled baristas make Italian coffee and serve organic snacks.

Original Coffee

Outside veranda of Original Coffee in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a place around the city to sit and relax, and enjoy a cup of high-quality coffee after a long day of work or after you roam around the city check out Original Coffee where you can get fresh air while enjoying a cup of espresso, or caffe latte with your friends.

Original coffee is a known spot for coffee lovers in the capital area. This coffee shop is known for the wide variety of single origin coffee, sandwiches, and cakes from an organic bakery.

Rist Kaffebar

Inside Rist Kaffebar in Copenhagen

A cozy coffee shop located on the lovely street Værnedamsvej on the edge of Frederiksberg and Vesterbro.

Rist Kaffebar is the perfect place to kill the day or if you are looking for a place to spend your day off to read a book while enjoying a hot cup of latte, or espresso paired with lovely snacks or sandwiches.

There you go coffee lovers stay fueled while enjoying the city of Copenhagen.

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