Best Practices To Enjoy More Your Coffee


Most of the time we drink our coffee putting a lot of flavorings into it to make our coffee taste more interesting. Most of the time we put too much sugar, creamer, whipped cream and more. Unfortunately, this added condiments to our coffee can quickly build calories to our daily cup of Joe. Though drinking black coffee has only a handful of calories, but adding milk, flavoring, and sugar can increase a coffee’s calorie count pretty quickly.

However, there are some easy ways to make our daily cup of coffee less in calorie and more healthy.

1. Black Coffee

brewed coffee

Drinking black coffee is always a good option for a better and healthier cup of Joe. Black coffee has ten times more antioxidants than coffees with added flavorings. Though black coffee, tastes bitter, over time your taste buds will adapt to the bold flavor. So if you want to get the full benefits of your coffee, drink it brewed and black.

2. Stick To Almond Milk

Almond Milk

Dr. Oz notes that almond milk is the healthiest “milk” choice to mix with your cup of Joe. Unlike whole milk, which can make your cup of coffee 180 calories, almond milk will keep your coffee under 100 calories per serving.

3. No To Artificial Creamers

coffee mate artificial coffee creamer

Artificial creamers add jazz to coffee, but artificial creamers are filled with ingredients and packed with sugar, making them not the healthiest thing to put in your coffee. If you want something extra to your coffee rather than adding creamers to it, opt for coconut milk with a dash of vanilla extract.

Alternatively, try mixing your milk of choice with a teaspoon of honey for a hearty, flavor-packed coffee additive.

4. Choose only organic beans.

Single origin coffee beans

Buying organic coffee beans is not only healthy, but you can also get the best flavors of it. Single origin coffee beans are often free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, that is why organic coffee beans are certified with no added chemicals to enter our body via our morning brew.

5. Instead of sugar use cinnamon

cinnamon coffee

The cinnamon on your local cafes’ countertops are not just for decorations they serve as an optional sweeter for those people who are looking for a healthier sweetener, rather than using sugar.

Adding cinnamon to your coffee can actually have several health benefits. Healthline reports that cinnamon may help reduce inflammation throughout your body and has been linked to heart health, though more research is needed. Portion control expert Dr. Lisa Young also notes that cinnamon can help stabilize blood sugar.

6. Get Chocolatey

Unsweetened cocoa and dark chocolate are both great additions to any coffee drink, in moderation, of course. Studies have claimed numerous health benefits, like balancing cholesterol and potential cancer-preventing properties, these indulgent add-ins are perfect for mocha lovers everywhere.

7, Adding Butter To Your Coffee

The Butter Coffee

Adding butter to your coffee is not just hearsay, but it’s a fact that putting unsalted grass-fed butter to your coffee is healthy, it gives welcoming boost energy without the added sugar or cream. Adding butter to your coffee is popularly known as Bulletproof coffee, you can add a small glob of unsalted grass-fed butter to your coffee and use an immersion blender to create a frothy, homemade latte.

8. Make sure to use the right mug

A 2014 study for Flavour found that the color of your coffee mug can influence how sweet or bitter you perceive a cup of coffee to be. In the study, they found drinking from a white mug can make the coffee to be more intense than using a transparent mug. Though this study needs more research, it may be worth swapping out your white mug for a transparent one to make your coffee “taste” less bitter and of course, reduce the amount of sugar you add to it.

9. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

coffee health

If you think drinking coffee in an empty stomach is okay, you might want to overwrite that perception, because drinking coffee in an empty stomach is an unhealthy habit that can lead to various health risks, it may damage your stomach lining and, increased anxiety. So to keep your body healthy while enjoying your cuppa. make sure to eat breakfast before drinking your morning, Joe.

10. Try golden lattes.

Golden latte
elena moiseeva/Shutterstock

Golden lattes are not for a show of in social media, but this bright yellow drink actually contains a ton of healthful benefits. Dr. Young said adding turmeric to your coffee you can have anti-inflammatory benefits, and studies cited in Prevention claim that it can also help your memory.