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The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee In The World

A cup of black coffee. the most expensive cup of coffee in the world.
Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

The world knows that the most expensive coffee is from the cat poop or the civet cat. The Kopi Luwak is renowned as the most expensive coffee in the world because of the careful processing of the coffee. Each bag of the Kopi Luwak is between $100 to $500 depending on grams. Another notable expensive coffee is the Black Ivory which the process of making the coffee is through elephant dung. Looking at it, the rarest coffees in the world is in the manner of collecting the coffee beans eaten by animals through their poop, which is delicately sourced and washed. The meticulous method or sourcing the coffee beans are what makes them protrude among the other coffee beans, and that is also the reason why there is limited merchandise of the most expensive coffee beans. If there are the most expensive coffee beans in the world, there is also the most expensive cup of coffee in the world, and it is a whopping $75 per cup of coffee.

Elida Geisha Natural 01
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The most expensive cup of coffee in the world is not related to any of the elephant dung or the civet cat poop, but it is a single origin coffee bean that when roast and brew it will cost a hefty amount of $75 per cup, and $803 per pound of coffee beans.

What is that coffee?

The coffee is called Elida Geisha Natural the name sounds dangerously sexy, right? The Elida Natural Geisha had recently won first place in the most recent Best of Panama coffee competition which set a groundbreaking price of $803 per pound of coffee beans. The coffee beans have only limited stocks it is 100 lbs, to be exact which are only available in a few of the countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan which most of the stocks went, and in the United States, the Klatch Coffee company were lucky enough to secure 10 pounds of Elida Geisha Natural. Thus this determines that the coffee is only available n North America, specifically in San Francisco.
Elida Geisha Natural 03

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But since the Elida Geisha Natural has limited available coffee Bo Thiara the owner of Klatch Coffee, notify the public during his interview in KGO-TV that the, ” 10 pounds the company bought will make just 80 cups of coffee for customers.” Kudos to the first 80 customers inside the United States who avails the Elida Geisha Natural Coffee, now you get to experience the most expensive cup of coffee in the world.

Why it is expensive?

The Elida Geisha Natural is one of the rarest coffee beans you can ever taste. The coffee is from Panama, and it is a one-of-a-kind variety of coffee Arabica whose origin is from Ethiopia.

Elida Geisha Natural 02
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The coffee is described to have floral notes of jasmine, with tea-like flavor, and bergamot, sugar cane and stone fruit (peach or apricot). It says “natural” not because it is natural coffee berry, but it is gone through a natural process in which the coffee beans are naturally dried to separate the pulp from the beans, rather than the traditional practice of washing the coffee to separate the pulp and the beans. As we see, the process of separating the pulp from the beans is all natural that is why all the flavors are intact and not washed away from the beans.

Seems one of the factors why this coffee is considered the most expensive cup of coffee in the world, because of its limited resources.

Deeper Roots in Cincinnati, Ohio | COffee Shop Review

Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati Ohio
Photo credit to DeeperRootsCoffee FB

Have you heard about the city Cincinnati? Cincinnati may not be the first city in mind when you talk about the United States, but this metropolitan is Ohio’s’ third largest city under the U.S territory. Speaking about the best cities to have coffee shops we think of Seattle, Melbourne, or Copenhagen, but surprisingly Cincinnati is another city to check out because this metropolitan has hidden gems of coffee shops for the coffee lovers. The Deeper Roots in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the local coffee shops in the city that is a must visit.

The city of Cincinnati was recognized in the world because of its beer brewing, and as the city is growing the capital have embraced coffee brewing which made the metropolitan a destination for specialty coffee. There are plenty of roasteries in Cincinnati, but one of the coffee shop to try is the Deeper Roots.

Deeper Roots is one of the pioneers in the coffee scene in Cincinnati. The company has been serving the city for seven years, delivering excellent on their craft. Deeper Roots was first a roasting company supplying Cincinnati’s’ cafes, and nearby cities. As times transpires the company manages to put up their very own coffee shop, where coffee lovers can go, and taste first hand the in house roasted beans of Deeper Roots.

Deeper Roots is not only about the business, but they care for the costumers, that is why they have made their coffee shop a comfy space of warmth, and affordable luxury.

The company believes in ethical sourcing and specialty brews. According to Jon Lewis, head of retail for Deeper Roots, “More people, when they catch on to that, they agree that great coffee is worth the price tag.”

Deeper roots coffee shops is one of a kind, well it is not about the design or the concept, but with the solace of the space where ones you enter the shop you can feel the warmth like you are in your home kitchen where you are not intimidated to order and communicate with the baristas.

“We’re all trying to figure out what should a coffee shop be like in Cincinnati?” says Jon Lewis, “Because there’s a bit of a blank slate, we can make it how we want it to be and see how people respond.”

This kind of comfort is what costumers are looking for in a coffee shop. It is not only the brews, pastries, aesthetic design, but the overall vibe is what makes business standout.

In the front Island coffee bar, it features a pour-over coffee system or a Modbar, stationed on top of a quartz countertop. The Modbar creates convenience for a consistent serving of the beverage, and at the back, bar placed a La Marzocca espresso machine customized with walnut and brass features.

The overall bar system of Deeper Roots is simple because they admire a simplistic way of service in a sophisticated manner.

Aside from the ergonomic service, Deeper Roots has mouthful menus from sandwiches to pastries that perfectly pair up with their selection of coffee.

Deeper Roots in Cincinnati has two locations in the area the first is in the Oakley area, and the second cafe resides opposite the street from Cincinnati’s famous Findlay Market.

Visit their official website and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. 

Custard Coffee Flan Recipe | Weekend Coffee Treat

Custard Coffee Flan Recipe

What we love about the weekend is we can rest from our office jobs, stay at home, and make time with our family and friends, do cooking or baking, or anything related to food and recipes is one of the enjoyable things to do over the weekend. Aside from the activities, the whole family can join in and help us out in making delightful treats for the weekend.

While browsing the internet to look for easy recipes to recreate and share, my partner had requested to make a “leche flan.” Leche Flan, also known as Crème caramel, is a popular custard dessert in the Asia Pacific. The original Leche flan was composed of eggs, milk, and caramel syrup, however, there are many added variations to the original custard dessert.

Custard Coffee Flan Recipe 01

Hence, my partner is requesting for a Lechan flan dessert, and I still want my caffeine for the weekend so we will do a custard Coffee Flan dessert,

This dessert is super simple and easy to make, and perfect to those days when you need something quick to execute.

Custard Coffee Flan Recipe

Custard Coffee Flan Recipe 02


  • Molder
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Wisker
  • Steamer or double boiler will do
  • foil


  • 5 eggs
  • 2 cups of condensed milk
  • 1 tsp. of ground coffee
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • sugar


  1. Separate the white and yellow egg yolk. Use only the yellow yolk and set aside the white yolk because you can still use it in the future. In a large bowl or mixing bowl put in the five egg yolks, and whisk it wholly.
  2. After beating the egg yolk, add one cup of sweetened milk or condensed milk, a half teaspoon of ground coffee ( you can modify this to your liking if you want to have an intense coffee flavor add 1 teaspoon of ground coffee, but if the flavor is too strong adjust to your liking.), add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Using your whisker mix everything until all ingredients are dissolved.
  3. Next is set aside the mixture then get your molders, and fill in with one tablespoon of sugar, then caramelize the sugar by heating the molder on top of the stove, or you can also caramelize first the sugar in a saucepan before putting in the molder.
  4. After you made the caramel you can now put in your mixture in the molder, leave a small space in the molder to give some air while boiling.
  5. After filling in the molders, cover them now with foil.
  6. Using the double boiler, fill in with water and using the steamer put in your molders with the mixture. Wait for 45 mins to cook.
  7. Remove the foil, get a saucer, serve, and enjoy!
Homemade Coffee Flan

A super easy custard #coffee flan recipe that is sweet with just the right amount of coffee. #recipe #coffeerecipe #homemade #loverscoffee #coffeevideos #viralvideos

Posted by Coffee Lovers on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Different Kinds of Espresso

Different types of coffee espresso drinks

Majority of coffee drinkers are drinking coffee with the only knowledge of it is caffeinated drink about the coffee they are drinking. However, when we study about coffee, you may get surprised at how broad its delimitation even on what we already know that it is a liquid beverage with boosting ability. Hence, the word coffee is complex and dropping the bomb in one information is to bombarding let’s take a look first on the different kinds of espresso. Whereas this coffee it is not only a single drink, but a versatile beverage that has many phases.

Before espresso became popular in America, the coffee drink was first to introduce in Europe, specifically in Italy. Despite the popularity of the coffee drink, many were still having the misconception that espresso is a dark, bitter to a burnt-flavored roast of coffee with spread cream on top. The truth is, espresso is a pleasurable drink a coffee lover can ever taste. Espresso is not a roasting process or a type of coffee bean, but its a method of preparing to make a flavorful coffee.

Most of us when we say espresso the first thing that comes to our mind is a single beverage, that often used in many concoctions to create a new blend of coffee. Yes, that is right espresso is an ideal base in creating a new coffee blend. An example of this beverage that uses espresso as a base is latte and cappuccino, and there are a whole lot of delicious coffee blends that few of us only knew where espresso is the primary ingredient to this concoctions

Here are the different kinds of Espresso Coffee Drinks

Pure Espresso

Pure espresso or the espresso shot is a robust experience of drinking coffee which most Italians prefers. Espressos’ often serve in small demitasse-style cups and consumed immediately after extraction. Here are the four types of pure espresso;

four types of pure expresso
Infographics by Clip art via

The “short shot” is the first ¾-ounce of espresso in an extraction, which many believe is the absolute perfect espresso.


Likewise known as the “long shot,” this is a 1 ½-ounce shot of espresso.

Single Shot Espresso

A 1-ounce shot of espresso.

Double Shot Espresso

This is not only a 2-ounce shot of espresso, but this shot uses twice the amount of coffee in the portafilter, whereas the lesser shots use the same single serving.

Some popular varieties of espresso blended coffee drinks that often seen on the coffee shops menu are;

esprresso blended coffee drinks
Infographics by Clip art via
Espresso Macchiato

Macchiato was made known by the big coffee chain, Starbucks. Often times, this drink is misconstrued to be a sumptuous caffeinated drink made of caramel and chocolate while in fact, this drink is simply a mixture of espresso shot and a layer of foamed milk.

Espresso con Panna

Espresso con Panna is not a usual espresso on the menu, but this espresso drink is similar to Irish coffee without the added whiskey. This coffee drink is composed of an espresso shot with layers of whip cream.

Café Breve

A lot of times this coffee drink were miss look on the menu, or some are afraid to try the drink. Café Breve is not some cultist drink because it is also an espresso-based drink like the cappuccino made with an espresso shot, and steamed half and half light cream

Cappuccino and Café Latte

Cappuccino and Cafe’ Latte are both well-known espresso-based coffee drinks, but often times these brews were interchanged, making it hard to distinguish which is cappuccino and which Cafe’ Latte. These coffee drinks are made with two ingredients which are espresso and milk. Thou they are similar to one another, the difference between these beverages is in the preparation. Cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 wet foamed milk, and Latte is 1/6 espresso, 4/6 steamed milk, 1/6 foamed milk.

Cappuccino is more robust in taste than Cafe’Latte, this is because of the milk ratio. Coffee aficionados say that the Cafe’ latte is sweeter, or in other words milder in taste, and it is ideal for coffee starters, who are looking onward to taste espresso.

Café Americano

Cafe’ Americano is not that complex as it sounds because this coffee drink is simplistic. Cafe’ Americano is an espresso shot, that is watered down, resulting in a comparable taste of brewed coffee.

This is a simple guideline in identifying the different kinds of espresso drinks so that next time you will order in the coffee shop you know the type of espresso drink you ordered

Information gathered through this text is from, "How to brew the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, latte and other concoctions." 

The Iron Man Coffee Maker

The Iron Man Coffee Maker with white cup

With the box office hit of the Avengers End Game, everybody had left so many speculations, and questions on what will happen next to the Avengers now that Thanos was defeated, two of the Avengers is gone, captain America went back in time, and gave his gear to Grey Falcon, Clint Barton separated as Hawkeye, and Thor became a member of the Guardians of the galaxy, will this be the end for the Avengers or there is more to come? As many of the viewers are intrigued by the future of the Avengers, we are also intrigued by Robert’s Doney Jr a.k.a the “Iron Man,” choice of his coffee maker.
The Avengers fanatics, especially Iron Man fans get excited when the genius Tony Stark revealed on Facebook that his preference in single-serve Keurig-style novelty coffee makers is Iron Man-themed, and that is so awesome! We think that Robert Downey Jr telling his coffee maker choice is not for million dollar advertisement nor being biased for promoting their movie, but the Iron Man themed coffee maker deserves a mention of the genius Tony Stark because the novelty single-serve coffee maker is not only for a show but delivers an exemplary cup of coffee.

“The Iron Man single serve coffee maker provides the flexibility to brew either coffee capsules or ground coffee. Lift the Iron Man mask to access the brew chamber. Insert either a capsule or scoop of a favorite ground coffee, and start the brewing cycle with the touch of a button. Choose from a 6, 8 or 10-ounce cup size. The 40-ounce removable water tank offers the added flexibility to fill it from the faucet. Fit a taller mug by simply removing the drip tray. The ground coffee adapter can be used for brewing a favorite blend of coffee and the permanent mesh filter in the adapter makes it easy to rinse off.”

Iron Man Coffee Maker 01
via Amazon

Aside from the cool design, this Iron Man coffee maker can brew both your favorite K-pods and ground coffee beans too. If you have the Amazon new smart plug, the Alexa-powered plug this coffee maker will perfectly pair in it which makes coffee makers, microwaves, juicers, and other kitchen appliances voice-controlled. That is why you will experience to be the genius Tony Stark with this Iron Man themed coffee maker.

This coffee maker has a ground coffee adapter for your favorite blend of coffee, and its deep tray is detachable to accommodate taller mugs.

Reviewers who own this coffee machine often remark that the java it makes is as tasty (or according to some, better tasting) than the Keurig machines they used to use.

Iron Man Coffee Maker 02
via Amazon

If you are a collector of novelty finds, or you are looking for a unique gift for your Avenger fanatic friend the Iron Man coffee maker is an excellent gift idea.

Finding the right coffee maker is undeniably difficult, but if you are looking for your first purchase of coffee maker to invest your money this Iron Man theme coffee maker is a try because it ca brew two coffee in one machine, and delivers a perfect cup of coffee. You can get this coffee maker on Amazon for $129.99.

Chocolate Magic Cake Recipe for Mother’s Day | Weekend Coffee Treat

Chocolate Magic Cake recipe for Mothers Day celebration
Chocolate Magic Cake photo to All Recipe

Howdee coffee lovers? Happy weekend! Since it is the Mothers Day celebration over this weekend, we like to greet all the strong and beautiful mothers all over the world a Happy Mothers Day! This weekend is a special celebration for all the mothers in the world that is why we decided to share with you a special weekend coffee treat that you can prepare for your mom this Mothers Day. This recipe is Chocolate Magic Cake by All Recipies which is a perfect surprise to an intimate celebration for Mothers Day.

Prepare now your pen and papers coffee lovers, and together let us recreate this Chocolate Magic Cake for the Mothers Day weekend coffee treat.

Chocolate Magic Cake Recipe


  • 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons instant espresso powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 4 eggs at room temperature, separated
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups whole milk, lukewarm
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Grease an 8-inch baking pan.
  2. Whisk cocoa powder, flour, espresso powder, and salt together in a bowl.
  3. Combine egg yolks, white sugar, and water in the bowl of a stand mixer. Mix for about two minutes on high speed until eggs are light and creamy. Reduce mixer speed to low add butter, and vanilla extract. Increase speed to medium; beat for 1 minute until it gets light and fluffy. Reduce speed to low and add the cocoa mixture in 3 batches, mixing thoroughly after each addition and scraping the sides of the bowl. Stir milk slowly into the batter until well combined. Pour chocolate batter into a separate bowl.
  4. Clean and dry out bowl and beaters. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar together on high speed until stiff peaks form. Fold 3/4 of the egg white mixture into the chocolate batter using a spatula; pour back into the egg white bowl, a folding mixture in slowly until batter is smooth but still light and fluffy. Pour batter into the prepared pan.
  5. Bake in the preheated oven until edges are set and center still jiggles slightly about 50 minutes. Let cake cool completely, at least 30 minutes.

Video recipe of this content CLICK here.

This recipe is by Julie Hubert originally shared in Pictures and recipe are credited to All Recipes and to the owner.

Skincare Brands with Coffee Infuse Ingredient.

Espresso Luxury Face and Body Scrub-Mask
Image via Amazon Espresso Luxury Face and Body Scrub-Mask

Coffee is a complex substance that has a lot of benefits, that is why not only health-related food supplements are incorporating coffee to their mixture, but as well the beauty industry is adding coffee in their products.

Coffee is not only good for boosting energy levels but in fact, coffee is also good for the skin, that is why many beauty enthusiasts are making the coffee grounds into scrubs, which helps for reducing cellulite. But not only that because coffee is also good for the scalp where it boosts the hair follicles to give healthy and shiny hair.

There are more discoveries of which what coffee can do, but while those discoveries are still brewing here is the list of your favorite skincare brands with coffee infuse ingredient.

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist
Via Origins Shopee Thailand

Face mist is a thing right now in the beauty industry because they are not for beauty extra, but face mist is essential to our skin to keep it fresh and looking healthy throughout the day. The Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist infused with coffee extract is perfect for a midday pick-me-up for your skin. A sprit or two with the Origins Ginzing energy-boosting coffee infused face mist will do the trick to keep your face stay fresh all day.

Tom Ford Café Rose Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Café Rose Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford

Who does not love the smell of coffee? Well, there has been a new study that by just smelling coffee it can perk up your brain instantly that is why having a coffee infused perfume is a fabulous idea so that you can spray any time of the day to keep you perk up. The Tom Ford Café Rose Eau de Parfum is a deep rose blended with coffee essence extract is seductive that goes well with your little black dress.

Desert Essence Organic Coconut Jojoba & Pure Coffee Oil

This Desert Essence Organic Coconut Jojoba & Pure Coffee Oil is a power duo for your skin where you can reap all the benefits of the organic jojoba oil and coffee oil. Moisturising our body once or twice a week is essential for keeping our skin healthy and supple just like the baby skin.

100% Pure Caffeine Mask

100% Pure Caffeine Mask
Nourished Life

Have you ever wonder why Koreans have beautiful skin that is radiant and supple? Well, one of their beauty secrets is a face mask. Face masks help the skin to regenerate and boost its elasticity to make it feel young and looking healthy. Hence coffee is a good source of antioxidant, so it is no wonder that it is good for the skin. The 100% Pure Caffeine Mask compresses the blood vessels that contain an anti-inflammatory substance that help to lessen the appearance of acne scars and repairs sun-damage from UV exposure.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

Another beauty cult infused with coffee is from Caudalie is the Instant Detox Mask. Coffee is excellent to use as detox face masks because of its anti-aging properties. The coffee can help to eliminate skin impurities and repair damaged skin cells. Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is a combination of coffee, pink clay, and papaya that removes skin toxins, and improves skin complexion.

SkinFood Coffee Almond Nail Scrub

Not only the skin that eds exfoliation even our nails needs some pampering too. Most of the time our nail beds tend to be dry especially when we often wash our hands and the SkinFood Coffee Almond Nail Scrub can soften cuticles while strengthening nails.

The Nutella Cafe, New York City

The New Nutella Cafe in New York City by Ferrero
Photo Credits to Eater NY

The all-time favorite chocolate sandwich spread by many has opened their second location in Manhattan. A lot are drooling over to the newest Nutella Cafe, New York City, which opened last year.

Nutella is a favorite hazelnut chocolate spread by many manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, since 1965.

Nutella Cafe New York Crepe Station

Hence the popularity of the Nutella the company has decided to open their very own cafe filled with Nutella goodness, where chocolate lovers can indulge with their favorite chocolate spread.

The first flagship store of the company is in Chicago opened in May 2017, because people can’t get over of the Nutella goodness the company opens up their second Nutella Cafe in New York City.

Inside Nutella Cafe New York
Photo credits to Emma Lord/Bustle

“We are thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of the Nutella Cafe New York in one of the greatest culinary cities in the world,” said Rick Fossali, vice president of operations, Nutella Cafe. “The response to our first Nutella Cafe in Chicago has been outstanding, and we cannot wait to treat New Yorkers and tourists alike to a wonderfully delicious Nutella experience showcasing the uniqueness and versatility of this beloved product.”

Inside the second store in New York is a Nutella heaven. If you are having a hard time looking for your favorite Nutella spread in grocery stores, you can find all the Nutella merchandises at the new Nutella Cafe New York, from the chocolate spread in all sizes, Nutella inspired tumblers, mugs, and unique Nutella spreaders.

Walking in the Netulla Cafe Newyork is a lalaland, the interior showcases the signature red and white color of the brand. Aside from the Nutella merchandises, the cafe has a dedicated crepe making station alongside the huge board drop of Nutella lettering where you can take a selfie and share it to your Instagram. Everything inside the Nutella Cafe is Instagramable and drool-worthy, and costumers can even create by themselves a Nutella base treat on the Spread The Happy section of the cafe. Costumers will have the ultimate Nutella experience of their life where they can choose from a Nutella-filled crepe, Liège waffle, French toast, or more, before putting additional toppings and fillings.

Jars of Nutella Spread inside the new Nutella Cafe in New York

With a delicious treat in every corner of the Nutella Cafe tourist and resident of New York will sure get excited. Everything inside the cafe are freshly baked with all Nutella goodness, and the highlight of their menu that you should try is the Pound Cake Panzanella which is a favorite from the patrons in Nutella Chicago, Grilled Baguette, and exclusive items that are only available in the New York location, such as the; Hazelnut Blondies with Nutella hazelnut spread; multi-grain Piccolino (“little one” in Italian) freshly baked Croissants; Grilled Banana Bread with Nutella, warmed & topped with fresh banana slices and toasted hazelnuts; Chia and Hemp seed pudding, topped with Nutella and fresh banana slices.

Nutella-Gelato available at the Nutella Cafe New York
Nutella Cafe New York

They also serve a Nutella frozen pop which your kiddos will surely love. The frozen pop is a Nutella base gelato that is a perfect treat for the summer. For someone who is looking for some tasty drinks, do not worry because they also serve a variety of Nutella infused drinks which you will be on the Nutella cloud-9 when you taste it.

Some of the Nutella infused drink that a must try is the Nutella Latte which is a signature drink of the cafe. Of course, we are not surprised by this drink because we know that coffee and Nutella is a perfect combination.

We hope that Ferrero will open more branches of there Nutella Cafe in other cities because we cannot wait to experience the Nutella goodness they offer.

Source:  PR Newswire |insider

Nutella cafe in New York is located at 116 University Place and opens seven days a week.

Classic Coffee Cake Recipe | Weekend Coffee Treat

coffee cake recipe with nuts
Photo credit to

Hello coffee lovers, happy weekend! We suddenly feel having a caffeine retreat, just kidding! We simply want to have a break from coffee over the weekend, but still, requiring to have a kick of coffee to our weekend coffee treat. Yeah, we know! It’s fickle minded! But feeling that the best way not to consume coffee, but still having coffee over the weekend is to make something sweet and caffeinated for a dessert this weekend.

So, browsing through the web for a new weekend recipe to share is frustrating because of the mood we don’t like to have coffee, but we still want coffee kind of feeling. That is why we come halfway deciding that the perfect weekend coffee treat to share this weekend is a Classic Coffee Cake.

Fun Fact:
The first coffee cakes are believed to have introduced in Germany. These were more like sweetbreads than cakes.According to the book Listening to America, Stuart Berg Flexner, it wasn’t until 1879 that the term “coffee cake” became a common term. In Hungary, a type of coffee cake is aranygaluska, which utilizes cinnamon. – Foodimentary

Now we have a little trivia for the Coffee Cake let’s start baking!

Coffee Cake via BBC Good Food

Classic Coffee Cake Recipe


  • 170g caster sugar
  • 170g butter or margarine, plus extra to grease
  • 3 large eggs
  • 170g self-raising flour
  • 1 ½ tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp instant coffee (add more if you like it strong) dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water

For the icing

  • 225g icing sugar
  • 100g butter or margarine
  • 1 ½ tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water
  • strawberry jam (optional)
  • walnuts or cherries, to decorate (optional)


  1. Heat oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Line and grease 2 x 18cm sandwich tins. Add the sugar and butter to a bowl and whisk until very fluffy and pale.
  2. Whisk the eggs in a mug with a fork, then add them gradually to the mixture with 1 tbsp of flour each time. (Make sure you don’t use all the flour.) When the eggs have been fully combined into the mix, add the rest of the flour and the baking powder and fold it in gently.
  3. Add the dissolved coffee to the mixture, still folding. Divide into the sandwich tins and cook for 25-30 min until risen and firm and a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin for 5 mins then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Can be frozen at this stage.
  4. Meanwhile make the icing by beating the icing sugar with the butter until light and fluffy, then add the dissolved coffee. Whisk then cover and put to one side until ready to ice the cake.
  5. Once the sponges have completely cooled, spread half the icing on the bottom of one (leaving around half for the top) and spread the strawberry jam on the bottom of the other, if using. Sandwich together spread the remaining icing on top. Decorate with walnuts, or cherries if you prefer.
This recipe is from Recipe from "Coffee cake", March 2018. 

You can pair this classic coffee cake with a classic black coffee the subtle sweetness of it will perfectly complement to the bitterly taste of coffee, or a tea which has a milder taste is also an excellent pair of coffee cake.

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts Taxes on Disposable Cups in Berkeley, California

Starbucks Dunkin Donuts Taxes on Disposable Cups in Berkeley California

How Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts. and other big coffee chains taking action on the ban of disposable coffee cups?

It had already cited numerous times on several media platforms that “coffee is the second most traded commodity next to oil,” that is why it is no surprise why coffee shops is a booming industry these days, and to top that off where the Luckin Coffee in China is competing with the king of the coffee chains Starbucks. However, this topic is not all about the rival of the coffee chains in South East Asia, but on how the Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks are taking action on the ban of using disposable cups. Is the brand-new memorandum can help in decreasing the piling of disposable cups in the garbage bin?

Waste management has been a long battle for the environment where plastic is being out of rage occupying not only the land but has already invaded the water. And since one of the patronize business in the industry is coffee where disposable cups are often used by almost all coffee chains for the takeaways, in return of this billion dollar business is an overwhelming amount of garbage causing havoc in the environment.

Now the city of California who takes pride in practicing all things civic and environmental, and being an advocate to recycling, banned the use of styrofoam and plastic shopping bags had released a new memorandum earlier this year inflicting: The To-go coffee cup in the Berkeley city council.

The ban on using disposable cups for waste management is a hot topic since the campaign has started. The big coffee chains are the key players in this memorandum that need to take action on their coffee takeaways hence, according to the city council, an estimated 40 million disposable cups are tossed in the garbage each year this includes one coffee cups per household each day. So in January earlier this year, the city had announced to all coffee shops to take an extra charge of 25-cents for customers who use a takeaway cup. “Waiting is no longer an option,” Sophie Hahn, the Berkeley city council member who wrote the legislation, said at the time. – Bloomberg

Of course, this announcement did not surprise the owners of the big coffee business, and they have been working to create an alternative to the plastic-lined, double-walled, plastic-lidded paper cups that are environmentally friendly for not only for their patrons but to help in reducing of the world waste problem.

The road is long for most of the business owners for it is not that easy to create a new solution into the problem, but the Dunkin Donuts who recently renamed itself and not focusing too much to its original products which are donuts, but centering on the broader venture in coffee is making an effort on redesigning the chain’s cup, after undertaking to stop the use of foam cups in 2010.

“It nags at my soul,” said Scott Murphy, chief operating officer of Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc., which goes through 1 billion coffee cups a year. After years of curating this year the company had finally transitioning from the styrofoam cups to using paper cups, this is a good start for the company to improve and make better designs in the future.

With the new memorandum of the city of Berkeley, California in imposing to have additional 25-cents charge in takeaway cups, and advising the residents to bring their travel mugs along with their reusable shopping bags when buying their daily dose of coffee. The two big coffee chains agreed on the notice and even offered discounts to those who will bring their mugs.

Before this memorandum had finalized the Starbucks company has already been giving discounts to those who bring their mugs, but sadly about 5 percent of their costumers are actively participating in their campaign. Base on Starbucks report seems new notice to have 25 cents added tax to every takeaway cup is not a big deal with the patrons.

The best way to do this is to develop an environmentally friendly coffee cups, and the city to have a better recycling organization on their garbages. However, the impose value-added tax may help for a short term, but people will always go back to the old habits not minding the added value on every single cup they purchased.

Dunkin’ says it’s working with municipalities to make sure that cups that can be recycled actually will be. “It’s a journey—I don’t think it will ever be over,” says Dunkin’s Murphy.

The banning of disposable coffee cups is a never-ending challenge to the big coffee chains. McDonald’s Corp. recently teamed with Starbucks and other quick-serve restaurants to back the $10 million NextGen Cup Challenge—a “moon shot” to develop, accelerate and scale a more sustainable to-go cup. In February, the contest announced 12 winners, including cups made of compostable and recyclable paperboard; the development of a plant-based lining that could keep liquid in; and schemes aimed at encouraging reusable cup use.

“We’re looking for solutions that are near-term commercially viable and things that are aspirational,” said Bridget Croke, vice president of external affairs at Closed Loop Partners, a recycling-focused investment firm which is managing the challenge.

Having a 100% eco-friendly coffee cups is an effective solution with the disposable cups problem, but it will cost a lot of money to produce billions of cups for a single coffee chain, and the bottom line is, this is effective, but it is not sustainably effective.

The Berkeley council memorandum is meant to test human behavior and not the purpose of tax. Each coffee shops in Berkeley need to compromise with the new notice and they can keep the extra feed, or lower the regular prices so that costumers can still pay the same. The coffee shops need to inform their patron about the ongoing surcharges “It has to be visible to the customer,” Gordon said. “That’s what motivates people to change behavior.”

All pieces of information are credited to the Bloomberg report.