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5 Simple Rules You Might Overlook in Making A Superb Cup of Coffee

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Who doesn’t love a great taste fresh cup of coffee? Coffee is a beverage that is well loved all over the world. Whether we are at home, at the mall, at the office, or office break we always want a fresh cup of coffee. Most of the time we overlook simple things or details that we think it is not necessary, but in fact, simple things that we overlook are the things which make everything perfect.

Here is a secret that I guess it is not a secret, on how to make a superb taste cup of coffee.

1.Know the secrets on how to brew your coffee.

Early in the Morning is the Worst Time to Drink Coffee


Are you a morning coffee drinker? I bet the answer is “YES”. What is the first thing you grabbed when you wake up in the morning? I bet it’s coffee. You do not agree with me? Well, try to observe yourself when you wake up in the morning! With over 100 million coffee drinkers in the US, 75% of them are early coffee drinkers.

Most of the time we drink early in the morning to boost our energy because coffee serves as a morning kicker for the day. But did you know that drinking coffee in the morning is the worst time of the day to drink coffee? Hmm! Confused? Here is the reason why.

According to some research and ASAP science in Youtube, the peak time when we have a high level of cortisols to our body is during in the morning. Cortisol is responsible for secreting stress hormones and producing low blood glucose to our body . But when we consume caffeine with a high level of cortisols to our body this will create two problems.

The Importance of Caffeine To Our Body

coffee, espresso, coffee shop, coffee bean, coffee beans, coffee cup, coffee shops, types of coffee, coffee brands, best coffee, espresso coffee, arabica coffee

Almost 50% of the American population , equivalent to 150 million Americans drink espresso, cappuccino, latte and ice cold coffee. Drinking everyday coffee has become part of our everyday life whether we are at home, in our offices, or just meeting with friends we drink coffee anytime and anywhere. But there are people who do not drink coffee for the reason of caffeine content of the coffee.

Non-coffee drinkers say drinking coffee causes harmful effects to our health like insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and respiration. This is due to abusive caffeine intake or too much coffee drinking. But did you know that drinking coffee properly can give your body not just energy booster but a whole lot of health benefits when we drink moderately?



Why do we try different coffee shops and not sticking to only one shop? Is it because the price, the quality, ambiance, customer service or is it because how they present their coffee? If you asked me my answer is all of the above. Most of the time our reasons why we drink coffee is for energy booster, and for some they love to drink coffee it is because of the art behind making every cup of coffee.

The art of making a perfect cup of coffee lies on the quality of your ingredient. Keep in mind that this will depend on the right combinations, consistency of the milk and the quality of the crema – and this art has perfected already by the baristas.

Why We Need Coffee Makers?


In today’s world, instant coffee is now becoming more popular and available in the market, plus they are much cheaper than the coffee beans. Coffee drinkers nowadays prefer these types of coffee because it doesn’t need a lot of work, in just a second they can create an instant coffee that is ready to drink. All you need to make your coffee is a cup to put the ingredient, boiling water and your sachet of instant coffee, mix them all together and you have now an instant cup of coffee.

Seems like many people doesn’t understand the enjoyment and the goodness that they can get if they make their coffee properly. Instant coffee is cheap and easy to do, but this is like wasting your time and money because you are not gaining anything from it. If you are a coffee lover or just a coffee drinker, step out from your comfort zone and do your daily cup of coffee on a quality coffee maker.



Did you know that coffee can make a goat dance?

According to legends, an Ethiopian Shepherd saw his goats appearing frisky and dance after eating coffee berries. This is the first record of caffeine effects on animals.

Did you know that coffee before was originally eaten?


Before the invention of coffee grinders, coffee makers, and instant coffee, – coffee before was originally eaten by people, this was originated by the African Tribes mixing the coffee berries to fat and create wholesome energy balls.

Did you know that Islams became popular because of coffee?


Islams contributed greatly to the popularity of coffee. It’s because, during the rise of their religion, they prohibit the drinking of alcohol but they allow coffee as an acceptable drink.

Did you know that all coffee grows in only one Island?


You can’t just plant coffee at the back of your yard unless you are in Hawaii. All coffee’s in the world grows in bean belt or coffee belt – “is the latitude to which all coffee plants are grown” and Hawaii is the only Island who produces coffee in the entire United States.

Did you know that English people are not allowed to drink coffee?


This is during 1675, the king of the England proclaimed to banned coffee houses, because he was afraid that people met in the coffee house to conspire against him.

Did you know that Arabica is the most consumed coffee in the world?

Arabica Coffee 630

Almost 70% of the world’s population consumed Arabica coffee because it is mild and aromatic. 30% drinks Robusta coffee, stronger in taste , bitter tasting and has 50% more caffeine to it.

Did You know that coffee is a tree?


Yes, coffee is not a shrub. Coffee can grow 30 feet tall, but they were cut around 10 feet tall for easy picking

Did you know that George Washington Invented the instant coffee?

Coffee Portrait by Enon - Dribbble
  Coffee Portrait by Enon – Dribbble

Yes, that’s a fact, he’s not just the first President of the United States but in 1906 he discovered that instant coffee exists.

These are just some of facts about how coffee popularized around the globe. Hope you enjoy these small fun facts about coffee! See you on our next blog!

How To Grind Coffee Beans The Right Way



Drinking coffee every day is not enough to say you are a coffee lover. When you really love coffee you should know also know how to properly store them to stay fresh for a long time. Air is the enemy of all ground coffee when air comes contact with your grind coffee, the scent will evaporate and starts to lose their flavor. That is why if you notice at the supermarket, the repacked coffee sachets are air seals to maintain its flavor and texture while sitting long on the shelves of the supermarket. Before the coffee, manufacturers distributes the repacked coffee grinds to a retailer store, they vacuum seal each grind to maintain the flavor. But ones the air seals got busted, you will notice a changed in the coffee texture and flavor. That is why it’s best to buy fresh coffee beans and have it grind by yourself at home, to ensure a fresh and flavorsome cup of coffee.

But do know how to properly grind your coffee beans? A coffee grinder is a big help in grinding coffee, though it’s not because you have a coffee grinder that you can grind coffee beans the way you want. Different coffee beans require different types of grinding, each coffee beans has its own technique to get the exact taste . So you better start mastering how to use your coffee grinders to create the perfect grind of coffee.

A coarser grind is perfect for brewing your coffee in a percolator or french French coffee maker. The goal of achieving the coarser grind is to break the coffee beans into tiny coffee beans, not medium grinds. In order to do this, place the coffee beans in the coffee grinder and tap the grind button a few times until you achieved the perfect texture. If this is your first time doing this at home, you better have a backup of coffee beans, so that if you over do the grinding you can start up again. Remember to just tap the button until you get the perfect coffee texture and not too long press the button so that you will not over grind the coffee bean.

Next is the medium grind coffee beans, this type of grinds are similar to coffees that can be found in supermarkets. They are best to use in automatic drip coffee makers, they are best described as looking like a brown sand. Imagine you are walking on the beach and seeing the sand in between your toes and making the sand in your coffee maker, I think that is awesome! When grinding the coffee don’t be carried away, so that it will not turn into a fine coffee powder, we don’t want that to happen. Just press the button of the coffee grinder and watch closely till you get the right medium grind of the coffee beans.

Finally for espresso lovers, unlike the first two grinds of coffee that are a coarse and a medium grind , for espresso machines, you need a powdery grind of coffee beans to make the perfect shot of espresso.

The secret of having a fresh and flavorsome cup of coffee is grinding the coffee beans right before you brew your coffee. But still doing this for the first time may result in a bitter or weak taste of coffee, that’s why practice makes perfect! So learn how to perfectly grind your coffee beans to make a great cup taste of coffee.

How To Buy The Best Coffee Beans



The Internet has greatly influenced our lives, most of the time we need the internet to do school research, office works and of course to check our emails and social medias. Aside from the internet is giving us a leisure time, we can also go shopping online without leaving the house. Online shopping also offers the same prices as supermarkets, plus you can eve get a better discount too. You can find everything on the internet from fashion find, food, and electronics.

With the help of the internet, we have now a wider and better source of coffee beans, if we run out of coffee no need to leave the house and go to the supermarket just to buy coffee beans, thanks to the internet because we can now shop for coffee beans at the comforts of our home. You might be thinking of the quality of coffee beans bought on the internet, if they have the same quality as what we are buying to our local coffee vendor or they have much better quality?

Where to buy coffee beans? It depends on the type of coffee beans you are looking for and how patience you are in waiting. Buying online and at the supermarket has pros and cons. For supermarket they might have limited stocks and for online shopping they have a wider selection of coffee beans but it will take up days for your orders to received. Also buying coffee beans from your local coffee vendor will be just one variety but if you are looking for a particular kind of coffee beans like Kenya beans then it is best to shop online.

The downside for buying locally made products that these local dealer stocks are the quantifier of their products, unlike when buying online you can have a variety of choices to choose from . But on the other hand let’s say you want to buy a specific coffee bean to your local coffee merchant but he did not have the items you want to buy, and he offers you a different variety of coffee like the Green Coffee that you might possibly interested, plus he offers you an Iced Coffee product that you might want to check as well. This is one genuine advantage for buying your coffee beans to your local dealers, you can personally check the quality of the coffee beans, checking the items before purchasing them out.

When buying for coffee beans or coffee makers, of course, we like to check first for ourselves the quality of the beans or the Kenya Sachet we are buying before paying them out, the quality of a product is the most important thing to check when buying anything. Internet shopping offers a wide variety of brands and choices, from the lowest up to the most lucrative price, but the downside of online shopping costumers can only picture view the product. but we cannot check the quality of the item. Having a real interaction with a human, asking the merchant anything you want to ask is a lot more satisfying and trustworthy. Let’s say for example you bought a coffee maker and a Celebes Kalossi Tojara pack to your local merchant, upon using the product there is a defect on your coffee maker and of course you need to return it to the coffee vendor you purchase from. The advantage of buying a local product is whenever there is a defect or problem on your item you can easily return back the item for a refund, or simply trade the item for the same product or changed with a different model. Product return to your local coffee vendors can be very fast and convenient, unlike when returning products to online stores, let’s say for example you purchase a coffee mug and an Italian Coffee Jug via an online coffee store, you need to wait longer days before your orders will arrive, and upon receiving the items you found out that there was a defect on the Italian Coffee Jug and you need to return the product. Most online stores let you pay the return delivery cost plus longer days or even a month to wait before the company will refund your money or return the replacement.

Another advantage of buying to your local coffee vendor is they can offer you their expertise about the product. You can chit-chat with them, ask anything you want to ask for the product and this will help you decide what to get. Let’s say you visit your local coffee house for the purpose of checking if they have available German Coffee Thermos, then the coffee shop owner assist you and because of his expertise you ended up buying almost everything he recommended to you, However tips, reviews of others and suggestions of other costumers in the area of coffee products can be found on the internet, but you need to have a thorough research and not just relying on one’s statement or review of other costumer’s or just the description of the product, this is not enough to fill the knowledge you need to know about coffee before buying a product, you need to be aware of the proper methods and information for the coffee product you want to buy.

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot in searching for the best coffee beans locally and online . and will help you where and what to buy. If you asked me which I prefer? I like both concepts online and offline coffee buying because both of them are great and they have different advantages.

Things To Know About Gourmet Coffee



Are you a coffee drinker? What is your favorite blend of coffee? There are a lot of coffee blends or coffee variations that we can do in our home or we can order at the coffee house. As a coffee lover we should know the different variations of coffee, most of the time coffee drinkers , are not sensitive enough to what coffee they are drinking, what they just know is that they are drinking coffee. Only a few people knew about the gourmet coffee, if coffee drinkers would just know the right information about gourmet coffee, how it is a lot tastier than regular coffee then probably you will change your coffee game and stop drinking other coffee except gourmet coffee only. Reasons why most people don’t mind the coffee they are drinking because of; coffee availability, convenience, and price. If you’re a coffee drinker, before you go to the grocery store, it’s nice to have a small research on the different types of coffee and what to buy, try researching about gourmet coffee and know what makes this better with other coffee and I’m sure ones you taste it you will never drink another regular coffee again. Most of the coffee drinkers don’t have proper information on the coffees they are drinking, they just grabbed and drink whatever coffee they see and available in the market, and they just drink coffee to wake them up and for an energy booster.

People who knew gourmet coffee are the real coffee lovers, they don’t just drink coffee for energy booster but instead, they want satisfaction. People who knew gourmet coffee has made research and educate themselves on what best types of coffee they should be drinking. Gourmet coffee is finer in taste, more darker in color and a lot more flavorsome than regular coffees. People who knew the richness of gourmet coffee don’t just drink coffee to wake them up in the morning, but rather they drink coffee to enjoy and taste the richness of a real good coffee.

Where to get the best gourmet coffee?

It is obvious that most coffee drinkers do not have enough knowledge on the coffee they are drinking. To know where to get the best gourmet coffee you should be knowledgeable enough to all types of coffee, in this phase, it will be much easier for your to find the coffee you are looking for. Did you know that popular coffee shops like Starbucks use gourmet coffee to make their coffee tastes so good, not only Starbucks but a lot of well known coffee shops, use gourmet coffee as their secret weapon in a making a flavorsome cup of coffee? If you are looking for the best coffee, the gourmet coffee is the best in the market, though they can be too expensive but if you are a coffee lover you don’t mind spending extra money to get the right taste, blend, flavor and aroma of a real good coffee.

Thanks to advanced technology , we don’t need to go in libraries and read piles of books, all we have to do is research on the internet. You can also purchase the book online if you want to , plus you can have in different formats like downloadable files in ebook, pdf file or just have it order in a regular textbook and directly sent to your home. However I also believed in “experience is the best teacher” , where you can go to your local coffee shops, try different blends of coffee and interview the barista about gourmet coffee or whenever you are at the supermarket, ask the coffee guy for a ground coffee or a whole coffee bean and have it grinned by yourself at your home. There are a lot of ways you can get gourmet coffee all you need is the right information about the coffee.

Gourmet coffee has already been widespread in grocery stores, coffee shops, airports and small shopping center. Owners will always be happy to help you for the information you want to know about gourmet coffee. You don’t need to worry when shopping gourmet coffee, because even though you have small or it’s just your first time to buy gourmet coffee, shop owners will provide you their best service and expertise giving you all the information you need to know when buying the best coffee. Coffee sellers or shop owners knows a lot of information about coffee because they love what they do and if you have any questions they can definitely answers and give you the right information you are looking for.

The color of the coffee is important because some people like the coffee beans roast darker because they think it will have a difference in taste. But as a beginner you might want to try different roast of coffee until you get what you prefer, whether dark, medium or dark roast it’s all up to you, Before you jump into conclusion on what roast you should be getting, experiment first on different types of coffee until you find what best suits to your liking. Gourmet coffee is very popular across the globe, that’s why you will not be having difficulty finding it, so what I suggest is for you to try gourmet coffee that is made overseas. You might be surprised by its taste and liking them more. These are simple guidelines in making the right choice for coffee, whether you are a beginner or you just love coffee, use this information in finding the best coffee gourmet locally or worldwide.

Why Invest In Coffee Grinder?


This image is of coffee beans, coffee grinder, and coffee beans bag in background.

Coffee has already become part of our daily breakfast, it makes us refreshed and alert. But nowadays instant coffee is the trendsetter in the coffee industry ,and it is difficult already to get the taste of real coffee and bringing out its superb aroma. In fact, the reality is, in today’s generation people are missing out the richness and real flavor of naturally blend coffee.

To have experienced the taste of a real coffee invest on a quality coffee grinder, this will make a tasteful difference to your weak coffee drink, making your every cup of coffee enjoyable and flavorsome . Today there are lots of brand you can get in the market that will definitely make all sorts of coffee variations and will suit your budget too. When you invest in a quality coffee grinder expect that you can make a better cup of coffee much tastier and rich in aroma even when you are at home. Even it’s your first time to taste a real blend coffee, you can tell the difference between instant coffee and ground coffee. By knowing the difference, you’ll be surprised that the cost of this equipment is worth all the money, giving you the experiences you never had before to your everyday cup of coffee.

A good coffee grinder is a must to every kitchen

Before coffee grinders are considered luxury items to every household, like espresso makers and other sorts of coffee makers are considered class items that only higher class people can afford . But today these items has become essential to every kitchen at home with , thanks to the increasing value of money , coffee grinders have become more affordable that will suit all types of budget. Thanks to new technology, with the help of the internet we can explore and see a wider selection of coffee grinders online, offering not just affordable prices but also has great features to choose from. In today’s generation internet has become influential when it comes to all types of shopping, from basic necessities to the most expensive one. No matter how simple or automatic the things you are looking for , the internet will give you the best and widest choices of coffee grinders you can choose from. Aside from shopping while you are in the comfort of your home, more perks when shopping online is you can get shopping rebates, points or discounts that you can use for more enjoyable and affordable shopping experience.

A wide variety of brands, better designs, quality features and affordable prices the things we can enjoy of today’s coffee grinders.

Thanks to modern technology, there is better quality, sleeker and more innovative in feature and design that will look great in every kitchen. Because of the wide selection of coffee grinders today, whatever opted of designs you have, it’s no longer hard for you to find the right coffee grinder that will match perfectly with your appliances and decorations. When it comes to quality, durability and reliability of product, there’s nothing to worry about because with lots of reputable companies today with the competitive value you can definitely find a quality coffee grinder that will suit your taste and budget.

Whether you drink coffee occasionally or daily basis , coffee grinders are a good help in creating your daily dose of coffee. You will be surprised with the coffee aroma and taste that it’s more flavorsome than before, so there is no doubt that you won’t regret investing in a good quality coffee grinder when it gives you a satisfaction to your everyday cup of coffee. Having a coffee grinder is like treating yourself every day, with the quality and freshness it gives, brings a real satisfaction not just to you but for your entire gang of family and friends will enjoy the taste of a real cup of coffee.