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Coffee Guilty Pleasure 101: Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe

Photo Credits To: www.mcdonalds.com

A Must Try For The Holiday Season

Holidays are the best season to enjoy good food and drink great coffee so, here’s our first coffee guilty pleasure that every coffee lover should try this season.

Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe

If you loved the Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe but don’t like to spend $4 each time you craved, then you better do this superb do it at home Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe at home. This coffee is perfect for the Holiday season to share with your families and friends, and you can even have this coffee as a dessert for your Holiday gatherings.


Refrigerated 2 cups Almond milk
1 Chocolate syrup
1 Chocolate bar
Whipped cream
2 cups Coffee
cup scant 1/4 sugar


1.Brew coffee and let cool to almost room temperature.
2.Carefully pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.
3.Add frozen coffee cubes, almond milk, chocolate syrup and sugar to the blender.
4.Blend until desired texture is reached.
5.Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and shaved chocolate if you’d like.

Recipe Courtesy of: thechunkychef.com

So, you might be wondering why I freeze all the ingredients if I can blend it directly? Well it just simple, I don’t like to water down my ingredients because I want to get the flavorsome, rich, creamy texture of my Mocha frappe. By freezing the ingredients, you get the frozen component to make it nice and icy, but without diluting your drink!

The first time I tried recreating this at home this coffee frappe is really the bomb! Try also to do this at home if you prefer a caramel flavor, you can easily swap out the chocolate syrup for a caramel sauce.

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Knowing The Coffee Aroma


Do you wake up in the morning because of the pleasant coffee aroma? Well most of us do!Coffee provides us a “pick me up” we need every morning, but did you know that aroma is not just about the smell? Aroma is responsible for all the coffee attributes other than the mouthfeel and sweet, salt, bitter, and sour taste that is perceived by the tongue. Therefore, aroma might consider as the most important component of specialty coffee.

Roasting triggers the chemical process within the beans causing the development of volatile compounds that contribute to the aroma profile. But not all coffee beans provides a strong scent like the green coffee beans which have a limited aroma that is often described as providing green or musty notes.

There are two types how we can determine the aroma of coffee;

1. It can be sense nasally via smelling through our nose.
2. It can be taste through our mouth by swallowing, and aromatic volatile compounds drift upward into the nasal passage.

Aroma of coffee is not just a single component, in fact, the aromatic compounds increase every year. Today the number is over 800 coffee elements make up the fragrance we know as the coffee aroma. Humans tend to love scents because it touches many of our scent receptors. These scents help us to connect around including with coffee, and this is the reason why we are drawn to the scent of our coffee aroma every morning.

The smell of the coffee triggers a good feeling, memories, and even trauma, so it is no wonder that it triggers our feeling of wakefulness. When we smell the coffee it signals our brain that caffeine is on the way, which provides stimulation and this one of the reasons why we are addicted to caffeine.

Know How Much Acid In Your Coffee


Do you often experience heartburn and acid reflux every time you drink coffee? Does your doctor recommend to drink only low-acid coffee?Coffee aficionados identify acidity as the bright and sparkling sensation we experience when we drink coffee, however, most of us are now switching to coffee in low-acidity to prevent the sour, tangy, bitter, sharp that acid reflux brings.

Let’s take a look at what are the types of acids we can find to your coffee.

Citric acid – This acid is commonly found in citrus fruits that are associated in lemon, and oranges, and often found in Arabica coffee beans with higher elevations.

Phosphoric acid – Sweeter than most acids, they are associated with grapefruit-or-mango-like one.

Malic acid – this acid is usually associated with hints of stone fruits like peaches or plums but coffee with malic acid is taste like apple or pear.

Chlorogenic acids – Is responsible for coffee’s acidity. Compared with other acids they are the ones degrade rapidly in roasting, which is why light roasts are described as “bright” and “acidic” more often than dark ones.

Acetic acid – the same acid that can found in vinegar, it produces a pleasant sharpness at lower concentrations. A coffee that has a lot of acetic acids probably wasn’t properly processed.

Quinic acid –
commonly found in dark roast coffee, stale coffee, and coffee that was brewed several hours but kept warm on a hot plate. Quinic acid gives a clean finish to coffee and the main cause that turns stomachs sour.

Many of the tastes your coffee can be directly attributed to the acids contained within them and acidity usually occurs in the roasting process. If you can identify acids in your coffee then you’ll be able to look for coffees that have been grown or roasted in a way likely to produce those acids.

Let’s Find Out How Expert You Are In Your Cup Of Coffee


Coffee is not all about the taste and pleasure we get to it, but when you’re a coffee lover you should always know how to differentiate the coffee characteristics, compare and contrast them by identifying each aroma, acidity, body, and flavor.

Aroma – Sometimes we get hooked up in a cup of Joe because of its aroma. These distinctive aromas are directly corresponding to the coffee flavors it could be spicy, earthy, florally, nutty or others depending on the type and roast of the coffee.

Acidity – There is no such thing as “low-acid coffee” because all coffee beans have a natural acid that occurs in the coffee roasting process. Low-acid coffee feels smooth in the mouth and lingers while coffee with high-acid is described as bright, tangy and crisp with clean finish. This coffee acidity affects the coffee’s final flavor. Nowadays people are switching to coffee with low-acid to prevent heartburn and acid reflux.

Body – Have you observed the weight of your coffee? It’s not in grams but how it feels on your tongue. Does it feel light or full in your mouth? You can feel the weight of full-bodied coffee on your tongue, and the flavor lingers, while light-bodied coffee feels light and don’t linger.

Flavor – We love our cup of Joe because of its flavor the way coffee taste are different from one another. There are flavors of citrus, cocoa, and the most common are the berry coffee, which is good for roasting and often taste strong or subtle.

These are the common characteristics of your everyday coffee knowing them will bring you more knowledge to your daily cup of Joe.



How do you like your coffee? Do you prefer milk over creamer? Do you like sweet or bitter? Whatever your preferences to your cup of Joe this latest coffee trend will make you surprise and surely you want to try after you read this article.

Nowadays people are becoming more and more conscious of their health that is why a lot are switching to a healthier way of eating especially in drinking their favorite beverage which is coffee.

The latest trend today for coffee lovers is putting butter on the cup of Joe this is insanely crazy, but a lot were saying it’s the best thing they have ever tried.

People who haven’t tried the butter coffee trend are skeptical about the idea because they said butter is the unhealthiest product to put on your coffee. But not all butter brands are bad for the health there are several organic brands most likely grass-fed butter. This type of butter came from grass-fed cows and not by cows that are usually fed by soy and corn that can’t even digest their food properly, and their milk creates fats that you don’t want in your body. Grass-fed cows produce the best milk and give the best beef, and the butter is 100% organic and tastes great too.

Here are five facts why you should try the coffee butter bandwagon and switch to an organic way of drinking coffee.

1. Grass-fed butter is the only kind that contains the right fats to regulate cholesterol. It has the right amount of omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids, known to reduce cholesterol and a great source of vitamin K.
As shown in many studies, these are all facts that can help in reducing heart disease.

2. Grass-fed butter gives healthy fats to your brain and body, providing proper creation of cell walls, membranes, and hormones.

3, Consuming coffee with butter every morning will help you burn fats all day. CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, contained in grass-fed butter, reduces body fat mass, especially in individuals struggling with obesity.

4. “Bulletproof” coffee provides energy and increases your cognitive functions. You can literally feel the energy kick in your body and will enjoy the effects for 6 hours, without any crash.

5. Butter coffee can be a meal replacement in the morning just add two tablespoons of butter to your cup of coffee, and you are good to go. It provides essential fats and calories, giving a higher performance blend than carbohydrate sources like oatmeal.

Adding butter to your cup of Joe gives a delicious creamy taste and energizes your body. So, if you decide to join in the butter coffee bandwagon get the best of everything, by having the best butter and coffee beans so that you can enjoy your sip of coffee.

DO It At Home: Peppermint Mocha

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The most wonderful time of the year is finally here we can now enjoy the cool weather, dress comfy clothes and enjoy our favorite coffee drinks.

Winter is the season where coffee tastes so delicious it’s a great comforting beverage for the cold weather. Here is an interesting Peppermint Mocha that you can easily do it at home and perfect to enjoy on a cold day!

coffee, espresso, coffee shop, coffee bean, coffee beans, coffee cup, coffee shops, types of coffee, coffee brands, best coffee, espresso coffee, arabica coffeeTry this at home, and share with us your experience.


coffee, espresso, coffee shop, coffee bean, coffee beans, coffee cup, coffee shops, types of coffee, coffee brands, best coffee, espresso coffee, arabica coffee

Do you always take pictures of your coffee, and share it to your Instagram and Facebook? I think most of us do it these days.

If you loved sharing your photos in Instagram here are some easy to pull off Instagram hacks that can make a big difference to your photos.

Amazing 3D Latte Art

coffee, espresso, coffee shop, coffee bean, coffee beans, coffee cup, coffee shops, types of coffee, coffee brands, best coffee, espresso coffee, arabica coffee

There is a saying “the first taste is through the eyes.” and we must say this is so true when it comes to coffee. When you visit a newly opened coffee shop and order a latte, there is an expectation you have in mind for their presentation. We adore a good latte, not just in taste, but we always look forward to the presentation. Because of our high expectation on the latte art how disappointing it is when it arrives flat and watery, and we are thrilled when it is dense and textured with a rosetta on top!

Below is some Amazing 3D Latte Art made by Kazuki Yamamoto he creates an exemplary art that costumers love. Check out his adorable creations.

The REDCUP Starbucks Holiday Coffee

red coffee cup, Business, Holiday or vacation, Politics, Religion, Social issues, Fast Food

A must try coffee for the Holiday season.

Sumatran Coffee The Finest Coffee In The Market


Coffee lovers probably know everything about the types of coffee beans and might be some of you are first-time coffee drinkers and want to expand your knowledge about coffee. Often, we only heard about Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that commonly sold in the market. But did you know that among dark coffee lovers Sumatran coffee is a choice by many?

Sumatran coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Sumatra – one of the largest Islands in Indonesia. Thou Sumatran coffee, was not widely popularized in the market but they have their unique taste and subtle flavor. The taste has a big difference when it comes to South American coffee this is because of the difference in soil and climate.

In Arabica and Rubosta, processing the coffee bean is done through the wet or dry process, but Sumatran coffee is process in a different way. Traditional Sumatran coffee is processed through the pulp of the fruit remain attached to the beans for a longer time.

Coffee experts say that through this process the attachment of the skin is fermenting pulp to the bean for a longer period that imparts some of Sumatra coffee’s unique flavors.

Perfect for dark roasting

Sumatra coffee beans are well-suited for dark roasting. This coffee has become popular in the United States through Peet’s Coffee, known for its dark-roast coffee beans.

The Sumatran Mandheling is the most popular and well-known coffee in Indonesia. Some say that this is the finest coffee available anywhere, and for coffee lovers, this is one of the best and unique coffee that is a must try to all coffee drinkers.

Aside from its unique quality, Sumatran coffee is organic coffee beans that are suitable for coffee drinkers who prefer organic coffee drink.  Although nowadays commercial coffee is now practiced in Sumatra, but still most of the coffee trees were still grown in a traditional way.

So, have you already tried Sumatran coffee? Share with us your coffee experience by commenting to our suggestion box below. Have fun drinking with your coffee!