Cheese Coffee is the new coffee trend for Spring 2019

coffee and cheese

Have you ever tried to drink cheese coffee or have you ever heard it? Well, most of us might try and love the cheesecake paired with coffee, and the two are classic favorites by coffee lovers. Cheese coffee is the new coffee trend for Spring 2019 that buzzes social media and making headlines to coffee shop menus.

Going back three years when the bulletproof coffee makes headlines in the coffee industry, and to the health and wellness world where everyone is hooked up in adding butter into their coffee to fuse some extra-rich dairy fat into one’s diet.

Well, today adding cheese to your coffee is the new creamy topping that everybody is doing.

Percolate a Los Angeles based coffee shop known for their Instagram worthy beverages like their Melrose and Lush Vanilla drinks that are mashable worthy in dried floral toppings and vibrant, swirling colors. The coffee shop does not just have picture perfect drinks, but they specialize in brewing loose-leaf teas, craft coffees, and boba or popularly known as the bubble tea.

Coming this Spring is their new coffee concoctions the cheese coffee. This coffee blend is said like, “to be topped with a froth-like mascarpone cheese that tastes a little sweet and a little salty.” It sounds like a salted caramel drink that is rich and creamy.

According to, “the new coffee, as per its namesake, has a more bittersweet flavor. And it hits just the right balance of salty, nutty, milky goodness that will likely make Monday mornings just a little bit better.”

Percolate’s newest drink is called B.S.T or bittersweet-tiramisu. The cheese coffee is made from cold brew Guatemalan beans from Unincorporated Coffee Roasters. The B.S.T concoction is said to be a cheese coffee because the cold brew is topped with a layer of cheese, and finishes off with a little cocoa. Forbes reported that the drink is, “a mixture of very lightly sweetened cream cheese and heavy whipping cream.”

The bitter-sweet-tiramisu was not the first cheesy beverage that hits the market. Most in Asain countries like Taiwan and China where people loves to add cheese in their tea since 2010 and Percolate also release its first cheese-topped drink in 2018.

In Northern, Scandinavian cheese coffee is their traditional drink or meal in which cubes of cheese is added in their cup of coffee, and it is called “kaffeost” or “coffee cheese.”

“A traditional cup of kaffeost begins with a cube of cheese placed at the bottom of a wooden mug carved out of a birch burl (a bulbous tree growth). After pouring the boiling coffee inside, drinkers can spoon the softened chunks out as they sip, or enjoy the little cheesy dregs left at the bottom of the wide-mouthed mug.” – Atlas Obscura

Whether this cheese coffee is has been long overdue but honestly, we are excited, and we cannot wait this cheese coffee will soon to come to our local coffee shops and get to try the goodness of it. We are pretty sure there will be a twist to this coffee drink that differs from the traditional one, and what better way to welcome spring than tasting the cheesy goodness of a cheese coffee.