Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, in Sacramento, CA| Coffee Shop Review

The Outside Area of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roaster, Sacramento, California

Coffee shops are a big trend right now in the business industry with the ladder rising numbers of coffee lovers it appears that coffee shops will never go weary and we need more in the future. One of the best coffee shops to check when visiting a city is not the commercialize coffee shops that are already big in the business, but the locally owned coffee shops by entrepreneurs where you can see and feel the art, and the scene of a city. Like in Sacramento California where they have growing numbers of coffee shops rising in the Capital, and one of the local coffee shops that you should check when you are visiting the city is the Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, in Sacramento, CA.

The outside area of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roaster, Sacramento, CA

This coffee shop in Sacramento CA was rooted in New Zealand where the owners, Edie and Andy Baker, who moved in California dreamed of a new beginning to have a fertile introduction of Kiwi coffee culture from the Island to the States, with their perseverance and dedication born their 1,500-square-foot flagship store Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is not yet big as other coffee shops, but this coffee roaster in Sacramento is sure to know how to brew its coffee and run a business. There experienced baristas who competed in both local and international coffee art scene helped in putting the stamp of the Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament and the city’s now annual Specialty Coffee Week.

Courtesy via Chocolate Fish Coffee Roaster

The Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters believed in the quality and uprightness that is why they don’t just brew and serve coffee, but they manage to build a relationship with the passionate farmers who became their partners in success. The company visit their farmers every year to check the crops and see if their farmers adhere to sustainable farming policies. Because freshness is key to every great cup of coffee, they only use coffee beans harvested in the last twelve month and roast them in small groups. The best practices they cohere ensuring quality and love to what they do shows, in the end, result in their cup of coffee.

Courtesy via @ChocolateFishCoffee

One of the best try coffee blends of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is their Flat White Coffee which is a specialty blend from New Zealand, where the owners create their rendition of the Zealanders Flat White Coffee and make it available in the State. Because they specialized in coffee, they also offer a nitro, and flash-brew concoctions that is a must try. For others who are looking for something to munch on, they have sandwiches and pastries that can perfectly complement with their beverages and some delicious food on their menu.

Courtesy via @ChocolateFishCoffee

Because of their success, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters not only show their expertise in their beans and coffee, but they share their knowledge for every who want to learn everything about coffee through their specialized classes.

From one location, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters has managed to expand its business having locations in Sacramento California.