Christmas Coffee Gift Guide 2017

Chrstmas gift ideas basket of coffee

Christmas is only a few days away, and most of us are stressed looking for the perfect gift for each every person we hold dear. If you got a coffee friend or a coffee lover on your list, let us help you find the perfect gift and relieve some of that stress.

So scroll down below and look at our list of the best coffee gifts for your coffee lover friends.

1. A Cup For Morning Pick You Up

Christmas cup gift ideas

You will ever go wrong with a cute cup. This is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t know how to smile until they take that first whiff of fresh coffee.

2. Friendship Coffee Bean Necklace

Unique Christmas coffee gift ideas

An ideal gift for the person you always get coffee with, giving them something special is a way to let them know that being with them is just as energizing as even the tastiest cup of coffee.

3. For A Coffee Lover Who Wants To Taste It All

Christmas coffee subscription box

A coffee subscription box is a good present for a coffee lover who wants to taste all the coffees around the world, or you can give him/her a discount coupon code to use and shop for his desired coffee.

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coffee subscription box dicount coupon
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4. For the Coffeeist Who Has It All

Christmas coffee gift ideas

Coffee is the sport of a true gentleman (or gentlewoman). It takes class and grace to craft the very best coffee concoctions, which is why this fancy brass coffee spoon is a must-have for any coffee devotee.

5. A Shower Curtain for Coffee Lovers

Coffee shower curtain

You may have known someone sneaking a fresh cup into the restroom with them while they clean up and get ready for the day. If you know someone like that, then this is the perfect shower curtain for them.

6. The Coffee OOTD

Coffee t-shirt

Whoever received this oversized coffee t-shirt will surely be proud wearing it. This is a perfect shirt to wear while lounging in and enjoying a great cup of coffee.

6. A Basket Of Coffee

Chrstmas gift ideas basket of coffee

I think this basket of coffee is the best gift I could ever have. If you can’t settle on just one thing to get your favorite coffee fanatic, then why not fix them up a holiday gift basket packed full of coffee treats?

A few little knickknacks and some of the tastiest beans you can find, wrapped in a little creativity, and you’ve got the perfect gift. Besides, there’s only one thing better than getting one gift, and that’s getting multiple.

7. For The Coffee Diva

Coffee style cellphone case

These days a lot of people are taking photos of their coffee before sipping it, and admit it or not you will always have a friend in you whose phone is always buzzing in one hand, while a to-go cup from “Obscure Hipster Hangout” sits in the other.

So, a phone case with lots of coffee is the perfect gift for a diva that showcase her artistic style.

8. Hot Coffee All the Time

Automatic coffee stirrer

Some people have a bad habit of fixing up a delicious cup of coffee only to totally forget about it once they get wrapped up in their work. I’m one of those people, and I’m so bad at it that I’ve even come to enjoy the taste of luke-warm coffee.

If you know someone like this, don’t let them suffer like I have. Fix them up with this coffee cup warmer, because there is still hope in this world.

9. For the Traveling Coffee Lover

Coffee travelling kit

A perfect gift for your friend who loves to travel. Unfortunately, not every destination can offer top-quality coffee, which is why they need their own travel kit to help them take on whatever new adventures they have planned.

I hope this coffee Holiday gift guide for 2017 helps you in deciding for the perfect present to give to your coffee friends this Christmas.