Best Coachella Coffee Shops in California

Coachella sunset in Indio Coachella Valley California

Coachella is one of the most awaited music and art festival during the Spring break season, many artists, stars, and fashion icon around the world are coming together to this event. Coachella is taken place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, where many anticipate and dreaming of attending this biggest annual music festival every year. The main event on the Coachella is the star performances, and it is undeniably exhausting when attending Coachella that is why you need a hell lot’s of java to get you boost-up and enjoy the music festival. And here are a list of Coachella Coffee Shops in California where you can have your java ready for Coachella.

Starbucks Palm Spring

via Starbucks Partners

It may sound cliche but yeah Starbucks Palm Spring is one of the top choices to get you an iced coffee ready for Coachella. The big coffee chain is already popular that is why tourist arriving can easily have their jolt of java, and when it comes to music festivals you can’t go wrong with Starbucks Frappuccino, or iced latte, or have a lot of coffee choices on their menu before dancing under the sun.

Koffi, Palm Springs

Attending Coachella needs a lot of energy for you to dance all day that is why when you are looking for someplace to grab a snack and coffee, Koffi is another spot to check in the Coachella Valley. Koffi serves sandwiches, bagels, pastries, and parfaits, so it is an ideal place to get the tummies full and get caffeinated before jumping in the festival, and if you are looking for refreshing drinks they also offer fruity iced teas and smoothies like strawberry-mango topped with whipped cream.

The Vintage Coffee House

If you are looking for a coffee shop where you can grab a coffee not just to be caffeinated, but to fully energize throughout the day The Vintage Coffee House in Jefferson St, Indio is a place to visit. This coffee shop in the Indio area offers a bulletproof coffee which claims to improve brain function and increase twice your energy which is a pretty awesome drink to have before hitting the music festival.

Gre Coffeehouse & Art Gallery

Gré Coffeehouse & Art Gallery

If you get tired of dancing in the open space, but still want a place to chill in, you better check the Gre Coffeehouse & Art Gallery in Palm Spring, they offer a specialty brew and amazing concoctions which you will enjoy. Gre Coffeehouse also hosts a book club, art exhibits, and jamming session every Wednesdays to Fridays, so it is a cool place to check when you want a different vibe from the music scene.

4 Paws Coffee Co.

This coffee shop in Palm Spring is a roomy hangout for you and your fur buddy. 4 Paws Coffee Co offers a great cup of latte, and your fur buddies can also enjoy a jolt of their Pup cup topped with whipped cream that comes with a biscuit. If you are for opting for something refreshing iced, and frozen coffee and tea drinks, and you’ll surely enjoy their piña colada to beat the summer heat.

These Coachella coffee shops in California are not in order and they the best coffee shops in the area to check in when you are looking for some caffeine before jumping in the Coachella Music festival in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley.