Coffee dates are the most practical date for valentines day

couples having a coffee date on valentine's day

The Valentine’s day is just right up to the alley, and what would be your ideal valentines day activity? Do you prefer flower and chocolates, a romantic dinner date, or a movie date with your bae? Well, maybe most of you already had planned your activity, and for some, they don’t care and say it just an ordinary day.

Valentine’s day is celebrated on every 14th, of February this is the day of romance and love for all the couples. The romantic day is usually associated with a romantic date, chocolate, and flowers. Over the years this tradition is slowly wavering, and couples are becoming more practical on spending their Valentine’s day.

Why going on a coffee date are a practical thing to do on valentines day?

We say doing a coffee date on Valentine’s day is not only practical, but it’s a romantic thing to do. Because nowadays, who doesn’t love a cup of coffee paired with cake, pastry, or donuts? Isn’t it those pairings are perfect, and it’s the sweetest pair you can ever have on Valentine’s day? Oh, that is so cheesy! But honestly, I know you are craving now to have some of those pairings.

Well, coffee dates are intimate, sitting on a coffee shop, sipping a piping cup of coffee, while listening to smooth jazz or mellow music provided by the cafe is the perfect ambiance for two lovebirds having an intimate conversation or getting to know each other.

two hands holding a cup of coffee

Coffee dates are the perfect scenario to know your partner better not just on words, gestures, but of course to his preference of coffee.

And let’s be honest, dating someone first time is not practical to spend a lot of money on your first meeting that is why coffee dates are practical on first dates because everyone loves coffee, it’cheap, and you can easily escape if you are not feeling the date. Well, that is one of the worst scenarios, but at least you enjoyed a good cup of coffee, and you do not spend a lot of money.

Coffee dates are a good starter in setting up the mood before moving forward to the next level of going in a more romantic date.

Here is some coffee shop suggestion with good coffee, nice ambiance, and the perfect place to go for Valentine’s date.

Inside Toi, Moi & Cafe in Montreal
Photo credit via Toi, Moi & Cafe


This coffee shop in Montreal is a cute romantic spot for your first date it is located near the Atwater Market and the Lachine Canal, where you can walk and watch the sunset and, and afterward you can grab a cup of in the Toi, Moi & Cafe for a more intimate date.

Inside table set up of the Coffee Garden in Michigan Ave, Ohio
Photo via Yelp

Coffee Garden

This coffee shop on Michigan Ave, Ohio is a perfect place for a date night. Aside from it’s never been too crowded which is ideal for couples to spend quality time while enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry, the place has a beautiful garden with a greenhouse that boasts beautiful colors spring-fall. Inside is also a floral shop, so the smells of coffee and fresh flowers that will delight your senses.

When you are from Ohio, we highly recommend this coffee shop to spend your valentines day.

Two people standing outside the pegasus Coffee House in Bainbridge Island, Seattle
Photos via
Pegasus Coffee House

Pegasus Coffee House

Seattle is the home of the big coffee chain, but not everything about the city is Starbucks baby. Pegasus Coffee House is one of the long-standing coffee shops located in Bainbridge Island. This coffee house does not only offer one of the best lattes, but the place is so cozy that is perfect for an intimate date night.

You need to hop in into a fiery boat before reaching the island which adds a romantic vibe on your valentines date night.


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