Coffee during meetings makes you efficient

Three men in contract signing with cups of coffee.

It’s no wonder that coffee has a lot of health benefits that is why some studies recommend that coffee is the ultimate superfood, Coffee repairs DNA, calms the body, helps prevent cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Because of these people who drink coffee has a healthier life especially when you drink coffee in moderation, and at the right time of the day.

A pair of scientific studies conducted at the University of California and the University of Ohio has identified an additional benefit to drinking coffee. According to the Journal of Psychopharmacology:

consuming a moderate amount of caffeinated coffee prior to indulging in a group activity enhances an individual’s task-relevant participation in the group activity.

This study shows to everyone who works in the office or any in the business environment where teamwork–and the ability to keep meetings on target–is crucial to success. The study also points out the relevance of coffee during a meeting, where almost everyone shows up with a fresh cup of coffee, this shows coffee can help individuals keep focused and on target.

If you notice people who conduct meetings at the coffee shops are much focus, alert, and creative than people who, conduct meetings in the office this shows that coffee is a good stimulator that alerts the brain and keeps the body stay up and focus.

Some people don’t need coffee to stay focused, but if you are the type of person who easily gets bored and quickly distracted, a strong cup of java at the beginning of a meeting is an indispensable part of our productivity toolkit.