Coffee Shop Review: Boheme Coffee Lounge in Alaska

Boheme Coffee Lounge in Alaska review

You can never go wrong with art and coffee in this little coffee shop at Bohéme Coffee Lounge in Anchorage Alaska.

Alaska settled in the northwest of Canada is known to be one of the coldest State in the U.S territory where it is one of the U.S largest and most sparsely populated State.

Aside from its diverse terrain of open spaces, mountains, and forests, with abundant wildlife which makes it a tourist destination for outdoor activities, Alaska is also known for their love of coffee. Of course, who would not want a hot cup of coffee in a cold icy place?

In fact, according to NBC News Alaska was ranked second with the most caffeinated city in the U.S. The report is not a surprise since the city weather is always cold that is why Alaskan people take their coffee seriously.

So whenever you are planning to visit the city don’t worry because the place is copious in coffee shops where you can easily spot a coffee shack and coffee shops to get cozy throughout the day.

If you are in the city, or you are planning to go on a trip to Alaska the Boheme Coffee Lounge located in the alley off Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, is a must visit coffee place in the area.

You don’t want to miss this adorable coffee shop in Anchorage Alaska it is a hidden gem inside the Arctic Rose Art Center where coffee lovers said you can have the best of both worlds of having a great cup of coffee and enjoying the art gallery.

The Boheme Coffee Lounge is a cozy place to relax and get caffeinated. They have an artsy aesthetic of walls that you can enjoy viewing while enjoying a cup of java. Their upholstered lounge is a comfortable piece of furniture for coffee lovers to sit on with your friends or colleagues while sipping your coffee. The art gallery extension is a collaboration of local artist showcasing their arts where coffee lovers can freely enjoy them, and they can also buy them if they like the art.

The overall look is not only what costumers love about the Boheme Coffee Lounge because their customer service is top notch which makes the coffee lovers fall in love more to this small coffee shop.

Coffee lovers who often stop by to this coffee place say that the coffee shop has a relaxed atmosphere and very welcoming hosts. Customers are mostly from businesses and residences in the area, but travelers and tourists would also benefit from this little shop of java enjoyment.

Well, to top it all Boheme Coffee Lounge offers a fabulous espresso, but a recommendation by their patrons is to try their coffee flights with 4 different samples including cold brew and latte art that gives a unique coffee experience.

“Bohéme is a friendly, comfortable coffee shop that blends milk and the espresso extraction into a companionship of rich, creamy, deliciously savory drink that will have your pallet craving the first sip well before it reaches your lips” – TripAdvisor review.