Coffee To The World: A Different Ways People Drink Their Coffee


Globally coffee has been an ancient tradition that has been started by our forefathers, but we should know that coffee is not just in single variety, but there are varieties of them that every country has its unique method of preparing them.

British and their coffee

British has been one of the first countries to trade their wealth over coffee that is why it’s no surprise that British has a long tradition in heir coffee. The first cafe opened in Great Britain was in the mid-17th Century that became popular in the market. During this time the most expensive beverage in Britain is a tea that only the bourgeoisie could afford. It was only during the end of 18th century, with the reduction in taxes that tea became available to the public. Nowadays British refer to their coffee as tea and this because of the long-standing popularity of tea during the reign of the Royal families.

Italy and their coffee culture

Italy is a home of fashion, food and of course the Eiffel tower. But when it comes to beverages Italy is the true home of espresso. Serving a shot of espresso in any home has become a tradition in Italy which can be drunk at any time of the day.

Espresso in Italy is usually drunk only in the morning, often with sweet treats, like a croissant. This is because the milk in the cappuccino is considered part of a meal, which is why it is avoided at other times of day as it is too rich.

Germans and their coffee

Each year, Germans drink an average of 6.7kg of coffee per capita, that is 160 litres a year or about four cups a day. Unlike in Italy with their coffee culture, Germans drink their coffee the way they like it best, at any time of the day. Germans have no rules with their cup of coffee whether weak or strong, with or without milk or sugar, made in a vending machine or on a brand-new espresso coffeemaker.

Since the launch of coffee makers, it has won over the German market. A lot of German home and offices today has their own coffee capsules or pods to create a great cup of coffee for all taste.

USA Coffee Today

Whether you are walking in the streets of New York, strolling in malls, or walking in the park, you can see people holding a cup of Joe. Americans love coffee, drinking coffee has already become an American tradition that gives them not just boost but also enjoyment to their lives. Coffee houses proliferate in large American cities like no other place on Earth. Whether in a restaurant or a bagel shop, a nod of the head is all you need to get a free refill of coffee. American offers a wide variety of coffee choices from coffee with milk, cold coffee, cappuccino, vanilla coffee, and a whole host of other flavors. Coffee in America has become an essential daily indulgence at any time of the day.

No matter where we are, what culture were into, coffee brings people together and encourages socialization.