Coffee Treats For The Summer

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Make your summer more fun by trying out these amazing coffee treats.

Seattle is known for its coffee because it’s the home of Starbucks and Seattle Best Coffee, know its java. But this city has more to offer than the regular cappuccino, pull shots for lattes and macchiatos.

Summer time isn’t over the temperature is still rising, and Seattle has more to offer with coffee and whipping up tasty concoctions that will satisfy your cravings this summer.

Here are local shops that offer the best coffee pairings in Seattle.

Coffee and Ice Cream

Coffee and ice cream is a classic pairing, during summer time this two pairing is one of the best treats for the season. Several ice cream shops craft their ice-cream with locally roasted beans like;

Molly Moon’s || Cupcake Royale

Molly Moon’s – The local chain features Stumptown Coffee ice cream as a fixture among other rotating offerings.Cupcake Royale – Weaves in ribbons of chocolate with ice cream made from Stumptown’s Hair Bender blend. Go even bigger at Cupcake Royale with their Hot Salty Mess, an ice cream sundae with burnt caramel and smoked sea salt ice cream, espresso and homemade hot fudge topped with whipped cream.


“Affogato” means “drowned” in Italian. This delicious dish comprises a scoop of ice cream or gelato (traditionally, vanilla) dunked in a shot or two of espresso.

Coffee Ice Cream Afogato
Cupcake Royale || Bluebird Microcreamery

Try one out at Bluebird Microcreamery or Cupcake Royale, two local chains serving this treat. Be creative with your ice cream selection at either and choose flavors such as horchata or peanut butter at Bluebird, or Washington hazelnut brittle with salted ganache at Cupcake Royale.

Coffee Cocktails

Coffee and cocktails? Yes, please! We always love these two pairings, because they are perfect for each other. It’s not hard to find a perfect coffee cocktail in Seattle’s bar, thanks to the thriving nightlife scene. We can always get an on point coffee treat for us coffee cocktail lovers.

Coffee Cocktail

The Canon bar in Seattle offers Beccacino this coffee cocktail widely considered the first high-quality coffee cocktail. The 30-year-old recipe blends brandy, Benedictine, amaretto, Irish Mist and cold brew coffee, topped with whipped cream.Sun Liquor features its own boozy coffee cocktail, and Café Amaro, which mixes the Italian digestif Fernet Branca with coffee and hand-whipped Angostura cream.

Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown and Cafe Vita Cold Brew Coffee

Seattle’s rare summer heat sometimes calls for a cold coffee, straightforward and uncomplicated. Stumptown has one of the best — the Cold Brew uses high-quality beans steeped in room-temperature water for more than 12 hours and comes in bottles, kegs, and growlers. Or head to Caffé Vita, known for its single-origin, farm-direct beans, for an iced coffee.

Coffee beer

Coffee Beer by Rooftop Brewing Company

Coffee might be Seattle’s favorite beverage, but beer is a close second. The two together make for a perfect marriage of bitter, cold and refreshing. The nano brewery Rooftop Brewing Company uses cold-pressed coffee from wholesaler Seven Roasters in the Makeda Coffee Porter. While the brewery itself just opened this summer, you can also grab a taste of the porter on tap at Makeda Coffee. And Bluebird Microcreamery recently added house made beer to its repertoire, including a Caffé Vita Coffee Porter that, if you’re brave enough, you can plunk a scoop of ice cream into for a bittersweet beer float.