The Best of the Coffee Trends of 2018

the coffee recap of 2018

2018 is a fun year in the coffee industry where there are great and bizarre coffee trends happened over the year one of our favorite highlight of the year 2018 is the outstanding latte artworks that made thousands of views, likes, and shares on the social media. That is why we are looking forward to 2019 for what has to offer this year.

So while all of us are waiting for the freshly brewed happenings of 2019 here’s the recap of the best of the coffee trends of 2018.

Stop the use of single-use disposable cups.

Boston Tea Party UK campaign for banning disposable cups.
Boston Tea Party UK campaign for banning disposable cups. Photo from BTP FB

Talking about last year’s coffee trends was the ditching of coffee chains in the use of disposable cups for the movement of a greener environment. Big coffee chains like the Boston Tea Party have been supporting the no use of disposable cups with their hashtag “#Noexcuseforsingleresuse.” Since the beginning of this campaign, the coffee shop has seen a behavioral change towards their customers where they spend more time in the coffee shop to enjoy their coffee. Also, big supermarkets like the Waitrose did also join the campaign in ending the use of disposable cups.

The American biggest coffee chain enters the home of espresso.

Howard Schultz at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy
Howard Schultz, the former executive chairman of Starbucks | Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Well, there are a lot of things happened to Starbucks last 2018 but one of the biggest coffee trends for 2018 was the invasion of the big coffee chain in the homeland of espresso in Paris. Followed by this news is the stepping down of Howard Schultz as the former executive chairman of Starbucks and was superseded by the president and director of Chicago-based investment management firm Ariel Investments, Mellody Hobson. Then just right before the Holidays, the big coffee chain made a milestone again, opening up there first ever “signing store,” for their customers with hearing disabilities. The year 2018 is an extraordinary year for Starbucks, and we can’t wait what’s more to come for the big coffee chain this year.

A new breed of coffee has been recognized in the market.

Araku Coffee beans won the prestigious gold medal in Paris.
Photo via Araku coffee FB

The coffee trends in 2018 had opened a lot of doors for independent coffee entrepreneurs for single origin coffee produce by local farmers like the recognition of the Araku coffee who had won the prestigious award for the best coffee pod at the Prix Epicures OR 2018 Award in Paris, France.

Coffee festivals

Voga Coffee. Specialty Coffee Expo 2018
Photo: Voga Coffee.

Coffee festivals have become more popular where new entrepreneurs and new brands can showcase their products and introduce to the public.

The Robotic Era

Robot Barista
Photo via Briggo Fb

The coffee trend in 2018 also includes the robot baristas where it is becoming a trend in the coffee shops. Some coffee shops are already adding a help aid of robot baristas who can also do a quality coffee drink just like a real human barista, but of course this a bit of investment if you want to have one.

All right coffee lovers with this recap we had for the coffee trends happened in 2018 it is safe to say that a stronger brew of coffee is coming this 2019 and weare so excited to taste the kick of it.