Coffee With Honey Is An Effective Cough Remedy

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“It is not just delicious but proven an effective remedy for cough relief.”

Honey and tea are a common type of blend that when combined together it gives a very satisfying taste. But who would have thought that coffee with honey is also a good combination too? This may be absurd and it may taste weird but YES coffee with honey works great too. In fact, it is not only the taste but coffee and honey is a great combination for a cough relief remedy.

A new study is shown by the Primary Care Respiratory Journal that honey and coffee have its own unique benefits. Both has its own natural antioxidants that made them good for cough relief together. Coffee with honey could be more effective in treating common coughs than the usual prescribed systemic steroids.

The study shows that coffee with honey can help relieve PPC or a post-infectious cough. This type of a cough are the ones that stick around for weeks after a common cold. Coffee with honey can help for a fast recovery in preventing throat irritation and airway passages, lack of sleep and general malaise. Most of the time we treat PPC with the common prescribes medicines like steroids, antihistamine, bronchodilators, and even narcotics. This drugs can help with your PPC problem but they come with other negative effects. Unlike coffee with honey, they are a natural remedy plus they are delicious too.

Instead of spending thousands of money into synthetic medicines why not take the alternative way and drink coffee with honey. This is less expensive than medicines, it has a natural edible substance that is safe and they are proven to be an effective relief for a cough in a short period of time.