Deeper Roots in Cincinnati, Ohio | COffee Shop Review

Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati Ohio
Photo credit to DeeperRootsCoffee FB

Have you heard about the city Cincinnati? Cincinnati may not be the first city in mind when you talk about the United States, but this metropolitan is Ohio’s’ third largest city under the U.S territory. Speaking about the best cities to have coffee shops we think of Seattle, Melbourne, or Copenhagen, but surprisingly Cincinnati is another city to check out because this metropolitan has hidden gems of coffee shops for the coffee lovers. The Deeper Roots in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the local coffee shops in the city that is a must visit.

The city of Cincinnati was recognized in the world because of its beer brewing, and as the city is growing the capital have embraced coffee brewing which made the metropolitan a destination for specialty coffee. There are plenty of roasteries in Cincinnati, but one of the coffee shop to try is the Deeper Roots.

Deeper Roots is one of the pioneers in the coffee scene in Cincinnati. The company has been serving the city for seven years, delivering excellent on their craft. Deeper Roots was first a roasting company supplying Cincinnati’s’ cafes, and nearby cities. As times transpires the company manages to put up their very own coffee shop, where coffee lovers can go, and taste first hand the in house roasted beans of Deeper Roots.

Deeper Roots is not only about the business, but they care for the costumers, that is why they have made their coffee shop a comfy space of warmth, and affordable luxury.

The company believes in ethical sourcing and specialty brews. According to Jon Lewis, head of retail for Deeper Roots, “More people, when they catch on to that, they agree that great coffee is worth the price tag.”

Deeper roots coffee shops is one of a kind, well it is not about the design or the concept, but with the solace of the space where ones you enter the shop you can feel the warmth like you are in your home kitchen where you are not intimidated to order and communicate with the baristas.

“We’re all trying to figure out what should a coffee shop be like in Cincinnati?” says Jon Lewis, “Because there’s a bit of a blank slate, we can make it how we want it to be and see how people respond.”

This kind of comfort is what costumers are looking for in a coffee shop. It is not only the brews, pastries, aesthetic design, but the overall vibe is what makes business standout.

In the front Island coffee bar, it features a pour-over coffee system or a Modbar, stationed on top of a quartz countertop. The Modbar creates convenience for a consistent serving of the beverage, and at the back, bar placed a La Marzocca espresso machine customized with walnut and brass features.

The overall bar system of Deeper Roots is simple because they admire a simplistic way of service in a sophisticated manner.

Aside from the ergonomic service, Deeper Roots has mouthful menus from sandwiches to pastries that perfectly pair up with their selection of coffee.

Deeper Roots in Cincinnati has two locations in the area the first is in the Oakley area, and the second cafe resides opposite the street from Cincinnati’s famous Findlay Market.

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