How To Make A Low Budget Coffee Table

DO it yourself coffee tale

Coffee tables are a perfect accent to our home it serves as a centerpiece of our living room where our family and friends used to gather around and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

There are a lot of coffee tables from rustic designs, shabby chic, modern tables, glass and more. But of course, we don’t like spending too much for a coffee table. So if you have things in your home that you want to throw away, you can revamp your old stuff and make them into something new to create your dream coffee table.

Here is a list of coffee tables that are a perfect centerpiece for your living room that is practical and functional.

Crate Storage Coffee Table

Crate Storage Coffee Table
Crate Storage Coffee Table at Her Tool Belt

This coffee table is our favorite because it’s simple and spacious. It’s a clean type coffee table that is perfect for family bonding and friends get together.

You can check and download the complete step by steps guide how to do this Crate Storage Coffee Table at Her Tool Belt.

Build Basic Coffee Table

Build Basic Coffee Table
DIY Coffee Table Plan from Build-Basic

Basic furniture always creates a perfect statement, because it’s not overpowering, that is why its a stand out in the crowd. This coffee table is simple and basic with functional storage below to put magazines or books, and a wide space that is perfect in a rustic or contemporary home.

You can build this simple coffee table on your own with $50. Check Build Basic for the full reference on how to do this coffee table.

Modern Wood Palette Coffee Table

wood palette modern coffee table

If you are on a budget but wants a modern coffee table wood palettes are the best to grab and to create your dream coffee table. You can make a modern style coffee table using wood palettes that can be rolled wherever you need it. The best part is you can find free palettes to use that is ideal to make modern coffee table project if you don’t want to spend more but wants a good and functional coffee table.

Check out Paper & Stitch for their DIY coffee table project using a wood palette.

The Pottery Barn Coffee Table

DIY Pottery Barn Coffee Table
Rhyan Coffee Table by More Like Home

If you buy this Pottery Barn style coffee table to your local furniture shop you will end up paying $700 or more but, if you do it your self, it will save you a lot of money. This Pottery Barn coffee table doesn’t only look good, and spacious but also has functional tables drawers where you can hide pieces of stuff like the remote control, and unwanted clutter in case unplanned visitors came in.

You check More Like Home for the complete guide on how to make this inexpensive Pottery Barn Coffee Table.

Factory Cart-Style Coffee Table

diy factory cart style coffee table
Factory Cart-Style Coffee Table Plan from Addicted 2 Decorating

If you are looking for something different, and a little more rustic the Factory cart-style coffee table is for you. This coffee table is our from the ordinary, spacious, and you can put it in any place to your home without the hustle carrying around.

You can find the step-by-step instructions at addicted 2 decorating

Coffee tables are statement pieces to our home. You don’t have to spend much, all you need is a little bit of creativity, some scraps or old furniture that you can use to create your own coffee table at a low-cost.