Do coffee pods consider a single origin coffee?

coffee pods

Coffee pods are one of the fastest growing coffee commodity in the market this is because of a lot of coffee lovers prefer the quick and easy no mess coffee in the morning or any time of the day. But does coffee pods consider a specialty coffee?

Well, we can say that coffee pods are just the typical instant coffee repackage in a fancy capsule. Most of the time coffee pods taste bitter and drinkable only with plenty of milk and sugar.

However, not all coffee pods are all about the fancy machine and packing because inside those pods is an ingenuity behind its technology.

According to Thanh of Eat, Little Bird during the coffee degustation held by NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, where she met the in-house barista Ola Persson, who dispelled many myths about the quality and stigma of coffee capsules.

“Coffee is at its freshest right after the beans have been roasted. The advantage of coffee stored in capsules is that they are typically sealed immediately after roasting, thereby locking in the freshness by preventing any contact with moisture or oxygen, the presence of which can make coffee go dull and stale,” she said.

Therefore, this means that freshly roasted coffee beans sealed in a capsule are guaranteed to bring you fresh coffee every time. It doesn’t mean coffee pods are high-quality, but they are not considered as bad coffee either. Your one-month-old ground bag of coffee in your cupboard, may not be the freshest and aromatic coffee anymore like some coffee capsules can.

So, do coffee pods is consider a single origin coffee?

Well, nothing beats a freshly ground coffee that has expertly prepared. So, if you want a real espresso, it’s better to grab it to your local coffee shop. Coffee pods are great when the time is short, and you need a speedy caffeine fix, a capsule machine can surely deliver quality coffee with minimal effort.

The capsule machine is one of the ingenious inventions to deliver quality coffee to every home and by replacing the mediocre instant coffee. With that said coffee pods are not third-wave coffee, but they are better in quality than instant coffee. Yes, coffee pods machines are pricey, but if you are a single-serve coffee lover it’s good to invest in one because using capsules, is almost as easy as dissolving the instant coffee powder, and delivers a better coffee experience at home.

Using a capsule machine is not necessarily a compromise on quality, especially if you invest in good quality coffee capsules.