Do It Yourself: Making Your Perfect Coffee Espresso

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Baristas or professional coffee makers has their own different technique for making their own signature style of coffee. We think that baristas have secret recipes in making their coffee taste good, but here’s a wild technique that everyone should know for making your own perfect cup of coffee.

Here’s a secret that is not a secret in making your coffee taste good, it simply begins with freshwater. Water to be used for your coffee should be good, not stale, mildewy, unclean and especially no to not properly filtered, always keep in mind no amount of suitable coffee grounds will matter when using uncleaned water. Of course, when talking about the perfect temperature when is the best time to pour the hot water it should be about at boiling point.

What is the best coffee to be used? When choosing for the right coffee bean, choose those who have grown 3000 feet above sea level. Here’s a list of coffee beans that you can make for espresso;

  • Brazilian, Bogotan – This type of coffee bean is great to make espresso and a top choice by many . These coffee beans are fresh at least for three days and they smell good when pre-roasted.
  • Robusta – This coffee bean is commonly used for espresso coffee machines and last favorite by many because aside from it contains more caffeine it also has very little flavor. On the other hand, among all the coffee trees Robusta beans have the strongest disease resistance and they are easy to grow.

When making espresso the coffee bean should be finely ground, and to achieved this the coffee bean should be ground on burr blades. These blades have plates with two teeth that usually pyramid in shape and forces the coffee beans to be ground in between. However, coffee beans like Viennese or French roast are best chopped in coffee grinders because they are darker.

How to determine a finely grind coffee bean? Usually, you can determine the space between the plates. Finely grind grains must be a size of sand not to croaky or dusty. When removing ground coffee from the grinder be sure to make it quick , to avoid too much exposure to air making it oxidize and nearby smells because garlic flavored coffee would be horrible!

The secret in having a great cup of espresso is making it done in a quality espresso machine so that you can experience the real goodness of coffee espresso or the experience is not worth it! Meaning you need the help of a 9 bar pump pressure coffee machine or more, because, without a good coffee machine, it will not produce enough temperature or boiler heat to properly brew the coffee grinds. When you have a quality espresso machine the water will heat to the right temperature giving you a quality espresso goodness. Keep in mind to avoid steamed-pressurized machines, because this will not give you a quality espresso, and always be careful not to burn yourself.

Let’s move on to the exciting part, which is making the coffee.Good espresso requires a clean coffee machine, in preparing you also need to warm up the machine and run fresh water to it. Just Turn on your machines while waiting for the water to heat up, ones the water is ready simply flush the system and pour a cup of plain warm water to its surfaces.

Next step is adding your coffee grounds, just remember not to get per excited when doing this and slightly pack the grounds down just like making a pipe style tobacco.The texture should slightly feel pliable, but should not move around when you removed your finger.

After doing it all firmly put back the hopper into the coffee machine. It’s time now to get your espresso cup and place it underneath the opening, Press start, just wait for five seconds and ta-dah! Freshly made espresso shot all the way from your coffee machine

When you have a quality coffee machine, you can make different coffee variations and enjoy the goodness of it. Cappuccino is one of the favorite by many, aside from it taste good, i is also easy to do. All you need are just two ingredients to make a house blend cappuccino, First you need a half-cup of milk and microwave it for 90 seconds until it froths. Slowly poured the milk on top of the espresso to infused the milk and the coffee. Lastly, add extra sweetness by garnishing a nutmeg, chocolate powder or cinnamon, then dust it lightly with brown sugar.