Early in the Morning is the Worst Time to Drink Coffee


Are you a morning coffee drinker? I bet the answer is “YES”. What is the first thing you grabbed when you wake up in the morning? I bet it’s coffee. You do not agree with me? Well, try to observe yourself when you wake up in the morning! With over 100 million coffee drinkers in the US, 75% of them are early coffee drinkers.

Most of the time we drink early in the morning to boost our energy because coffee serves as a morning kicker for the day. But did you know that drinking coffee in the morning is the worst time of the day to drink coffee? Hmm! Confused? Here is the reason why.

According to some research and ASAP science in Youtube, the peak time when we have a high level of cortisols to our body is during in the morning. Cortisol is responsible for secreting stress hormones and producing low blood glucose to our body . But when we consume caffeine with a high level of cortisols to our body this will create two problems.

First, when the caffeine interferes with the production of cortisols , it ends up that our body will secrete fewer cortisols and will rely on the caffeine.

Second is, the effect when drinking coffee in the morning popularly known as habitual morning drinkers, you cannot leave the house or start the day right when you did not grabbed your cup of coffee in the morning. When we drink our coffee early in the morning it increases our caffeine tolerance and replaces the natural cortisols that our body produces, that is why the caffeine induces boost to our body instead of adding to it, the result of this in order to feel energized throughout the day we need to drink another cup of coffee – and another cup of coffee – and adding more cup of coffee to boost our bodies energy.

Remember this that our body has its own clock, our body constantly produces cortisols but there are three phases of the day when our body produces the highest cortisols and not just early in the morning.

Now you know the reasons why drinking coffee early in the morning is a bad habit and the best time to drink coffee is during 10:00 am , noon time during 2:00pm and 5:00pm, during this time the body produces low cortisol.

For early coffee drinkers, you need to change your habit and adjust your schedule to better optimize your caffeine intake. It is the best thing to drink a glass of water or fresh juices early in the morning to help your body add more energy, and remember drink your coffee at the right time of the day.