Do It At Home Easter Coffee Recipes

Easter Coffee Recipe

Easter celebration is coming our way and, everybody is busy planning their Easter activities and of course preparing the eggs for the Easter egg hunt. But Easter is not just a celebration of Mr. Bunny and his eggs, but it’s also a season of hot cross buns and our favorite seasonal drinks available to our local coffee shops.

To feel more the spirit of the Easter celebration here are a few of Easter coffee drinks that is so easy to make and add a bit of fun to your holiday.


This coffee drink is a sure delight for everyone though it’s not the lowest calorie coffee this drink is worth to blow your diet for.

Here’s how to make yours:

add 2 shots of prepared espresso,
1oz of either toasted or plain marshmallow syrup,
and ½ oz of white chocolate syrup in a latte glass.
Finish with around 12oz hot steamed milk and complete with some whipped cream and a few marshmallows for decoration.


Another “bunny” treat on the menu that everyone will love it ones you serve it.

Here’s how to make yours:

Take a glass and add a single shot of prepared espresso.
1oz of sugar-free chocolate syrup,
and finish it off with around 8oz of steamed skimmed or semi-skimmed milk (depending on how guilty you’re feeling).
Add some chocolate shavings to the top before serving.


This coffee drink is a little bit wild for Easter, but we know you and your friends will enjoy it.

Here’s how to make yours:

Starting with a double espresso in a tall latte glass, add some steamed milk,
A spoon of brown sugar and three shots of syrup – chocolate, amaretto, and vanilla.
The vanilla is optional (as is the brown sugar) if you find it too sweet, or you can, of course, use more milk to keep the flavor but lose some of the sweetness.
Serve with a couple of caramelized biscuits on the side

Note: You can also make a non-alcoholic version of this for those who don’t want booze in their drinks.

We hope you enjoy trying some of these – Happy Easter Coffee Lovers.

These recipes are from A1 Coffee