Ethiopian coffee is the best specialty coffee all over the world.

Ethiopian coffee ceremony

We heard so many times the story about the birthplace of coffee and how was it discovered when the young Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi who witnessed his goats having a frenzied moment after eating coffee berries. This folklore has traveled the world and was then known Euthopia as the genesis of coffee. Today Ethiopian coffee is one of the most prized coffee all over the world because of its heritage.

Ethiopia coffee is considered one of the best specialty coffee all over the world because it has the right climate and growing high altitude for growing coffee. In the rule of the thumb for coffee cultivation, “High Altitude = High Quality.” Coffee beans are grown on a high altitude has a superior quality which is typically hard, dense, and has high-quality flavor.

The Ethiopia coffee antiquity had been nurtured in a rich history of tradition and culture which built its solid ground to be said one of the most prized coffees in the world.

Thou coffee is the principal source of livelihood in the Ethiopian economy which 60% of foreign income is generated from coffee still the country did not hold the spot for the top producer, but they are the seventh largest yielder.

Genetically, Ethiopia has the most diversified coffee types all over the world. We only identified a few of the coffee species like Arabica and Robusta which are the commercialize types of coffee beans, but in Ethiopia, there are a thousand kinds of coffee assortments available in the country, but most of this coffee species are wild and undocumented, so it’s no surprise if there were exceptional tasting coffee beans that are still undiscovered in Ethiopia.

There is a lot of Ethiopian coffee bean variety, but the Ethiopian Yergacheffes, Harrar, and the Kaffa are the three types that a must try for starters.

The Ethiopian Yergacheffes is one of the popular types of Ethiopian coffee beans which grow in Yergacheffe town in Sidamo Ethiopia. They usually have floral and tangerine notes, and some have an exotic tropical toasted coconut aroma that will knock you over with its incantations.

Harrar is a wild coffee which has a fruity and dark chocolate note with bold character. It also has a taste of blueberry jam, cocoa, and a touch of cinnamon and cardamom in this beans. Harrar coffee is a grade of 100% Arabica coffee.

The Ethiopia Kaffa coffee beans are from the small deep forest in Ethiopia which have floral, peachy, honey, chocolate, leather, whiffs of fermented alcoholic fruity flavor that finishes with hints of dusty leather. This type of Arabica coffee beans does not have the most caffeine, but you won’t get disappointed because it has the best of flavors.

Unlike other countries that coffee is a common beverage for an everyday energy boost in Eithopia coffee is a tradition where the community comes together for a cup of coffee. Coffee is an experience in Ethiopia that is shared with family and friends by cyclic coffee ceremonies which are honored as a special and important time to gather that usually last up to several hours.