Coffee Shop Review: Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea in Minneapolis Minnesota

beautiful interior of Fairgrounds Craft Coffee & Tea

Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea is a whimsical coffee shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota that brings freedom and adventure to their cup of coffee.

Coffee shops are a skyrocketing business these days that is why many cafes were popping like mushrooms here and there, but the coffee business is not only having a good espresso and an artsy latte, but the designs and interiors play a significant role for most coffee shops.

In today’s millennial time coffee lovers are pinned in coffee shops by the ambiance, aesthetics, and good coffee. Like in the “Twin Cities” Minnesota, talk of the town coffee shop in this city is the Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea. This coffee shop is a Social Media worthy from its coffee to the aesthetic design.

The coffee shop is a Chicago-based company founded by Michael Schultz, which opened last summer, in the North Loop.

Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea will give you the bliss of nostalgia of the Minnesota Trade Fair, inside this coffee shop are twinkling signs, chic rope swing seats attached to the high ceilings, reminders from the carnivals, and old photographs of the Minnesota Trade Fair memorabilia.

The interiors of the coffee shop will put a smile on your face, “you’ll notice the balance and energy in the design,” says Schultz.

The matcha latte has become omnipresent these days, and in Fairgrounds Craft Coffee & Tea they take the matcha trend to the next level of experience where they spin in the matcha for espresso in any of their specialty drinks. A must try coffee blends are the matcha cortado, cappuccino, Americano, or mocha.

They also offer an elixir menu which perfectly complements some of their teas and coffee selections. Their Grandpa Irv’s Espresso Old Fashioned is a cocktail drink to try on their menu. You can also grab some of the classic favorites, like the affogato, or if you are into milk teas, the Soul Detox and Power Flower Milk Tea should be up on your alley.

What makes Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea stand out among other coffee shops is costumers can have the chance to experience their different varieties of coffee from the locals and international rosters like Spyhouse, Colectivo (Milwaukee), Stumptown (Portland), Verve (Santa Cruz), and more.

And if you are up to something different that is chilled and still caffeinated there is something in store for you. Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea offers 12 different taps with a seasonal selection of sparkling tea, cold brew, nitro, matcha, and kombucha.

Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea is not only offering tea and coffee, but they also serve breakfast and a menu of classic lox platter to a meticulously topped acai bowl. Like other cafes, they also serve standard meals like sandwiches, salads, soups, toasts, and snacks.

They also serve vegan food which our vegan friends can enjoy.

And one of the best things the Fairgrounds Craft Coffee & Tea have is they are a family friendly coffee shop because the shop is not only a coffee and tea for adults, but they also have something for the children to enjoy too.

They have delicious-sounding kiddie meals like tomato soup dunkers made with challah bread and oven-roasted turkey and cheddar sliders on brioche buns, served in lunch boxes, with a choice of fresh fruit, veggie sticks, or chips.

Not only that, but they also have Etch and Sketch toys by the counter for families or group of friends to play and enjoy together to encourage interaction without the use of gadgets.

Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea is all about freedom and adventure of bringing family and friends closer together while enjoying a delicious collection of coffee, tea, and food!

Source: Citypages