Fika Cafe, in Toronto Canada

Fika Cafe, Toronto Canada

Are you looking for your next coffee destination? This cafe in Canada called Fika Cafe, in Toronto is a must-try coffee shop, and it is included in the travel site Big 7 most Instagramable cafes in the world.

As we all know, Canada is the hometown of Tim Hortons, which is another big coffee chain in the market. Canada is a beautiful city with much to explore, including their coffee shops, and coffee culture not only Tim Hortons, but Canada has more to offer.

The Fika Cafe is a must check cafe in Toronto. This cafe is on the list of the most Instagramabale cafe in the world because of there artistic book wall which features a lot of open books on the wall that coffee lovers can scam through while having a cup of coffee.

Fika Cafe is a Swedish inspired coffee spot in the Kensington Avenue owned by husband and wife Nikki Leigh McKean and Victor Barry. The idea in the making of Fika Cafe is through the brainwave of Nikki, who studied in Sweden for a year, and had a vision of, “bringing the culture of ceremonious break-taking to Canada.” They aim to have a spot for people to grab a quick bite and escape for a few minutes.

The style of the space is designed by Sarah Callanan, which furnishes a clean and bright ambiance. The combination of Caesarstone tables with a mixture of white, grays, and hues of blue leave the cafe uncluttered. A collection of vintage teacups can be found behind the bar those teacups were used from Nikki and Victor’s wedding, and some small accents around that still give a polished vibe of the cafe.

Of course, the day is not complete without coffee, Fika is outsourcing their coffee from  Pilot Coffee Roasters, with double shots of espresso packed into every drink. They also serve sandwiches and sweet treats. A recommendation from visitors is to try the mortadella sandwich, “a fat stack of the thinly-sliced meat is panini-pressed between two slices of Splendido’s potato bread.” They also have smoked salmon which is served open-face as a smorgasbord, layered with pickled red onions, radishes, and pickled cucumbers.

Their sweet treats are amazing the chocolate tarts are heavenly, it tastes like a snack-pack with a perfect buttery crust perfect pair to brewed coffee. They also have a chocolate chip cookie that is perfectly soft and moist that wouldn’t make you stop with a single bite. And you should not miss their jumbo-sized salted caramel macaroon it is to die for.

Can’t get enough of sweets? They also have an ice cream sandwich is comprised of a tart and sweet lemon compote, and vanilla bean ice cream, that is then nestled in-between two delectable pistachio cookies, oh it sounds so yummy!

Fika Cafe is truly a spot you should not miss when you visit Toronto. Your palates will surely be delighted with their coffee and sweet treats, and the space is airy and peaceful where you have a rest from an exhausting day.