Good Coffee Drinks To Try This Spring


Spring is a wonderful season to celebrate the abundance of the beauty of nature, so while everyone is getting daffy for daffodils, we’re here getting crazy for coffee. There are certain coffee drinks that smack of the season, and spring time is an unpredictable weather – warm one minute! cold the next! But don’t you worry we can beat this unpredictable weather with a nice mix of hot and iced caffeinated drinks to regulate our bodies temperature-to-comfort ratio.

Here are the coffee drinks for us to enjoy this spring.


Similar to cafe latte but it’s slightly lighter and cooler to drink. Espresso Cortado is the perfect balance of coffee and lightly textured steamed milk, typically a 1:1 ratio, often served in a glass without a handle in mild temperature. This coffee drink is a perfect transition from the unpredictable spring weather. Not too big, not too heavy, just the right sweetness and warmth from those brisk blue mornings.


This coffee drink is not in a typical cafe menu unless you know your barista pretty well and you can arrange this coffee drink with them. Sidecar is specially made only by the baristas. The drink is a double shot split among two demitasse cups: One left as is, and the other finished with a dollop of textured steamed milk to make an espresso macchiato. Sidecar is a unique coffee blend that explores the flavors of coffee espresso and to see how it stand out to a skosh of dairy. This coffee drink might be new for some coffee drinkers but I’m sure this coffee drink is a worth to try for the season.


Sometimes we need a refreshing coffee drink to our diet, especially these days when the weather is unpredictable. Iced Americano is the perfect coffee drink for the hot and cold weather, a refreshing coffee drink that you can order to any coffee shop. You can also do it at home your own blend of Iced Americano, all you need is an espresso shot, crema, and ice. You can now enjoy a refreshing Iced Americano to your home.

Try to make these coffee variations this spring, and I’m sure you will find it not just refreshing but also interesting.