Health Benefits of Coffee For a Better Life


Coffee For A Better Life

Drinking a cup of coffee has become part of our everyday lives, it serves as a booster to start the day. Though coffee , a drink loved by many has become a debate in the society for the coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers, for what are the health benefits coffee has to offer? Tea the frenemy of coffee, for non-coffee drinkers says that tea has more of health benefits than coffee. Tea is the choice by the new agers who follows their spiritual beliefs and want to avoid the effects of brown caffeinated drinks.

It may seem that tea has a lot of health benefits, but we can acquire its benefits depending on its preparation, which in some cases they have more sugar than canned soda’s, like iced tea. Before judging coffee’s health benefits, first, we need to understand the epitome of tea, that the only beneficial to it is the leaf ones it brewed while the other parts have no benefits anymore.

In coffee, the bean itself contains a lot of nutrients promoting health benefits. The cultivation of coffee requires a lot of work, like the Tao Coffee that needs a lot of excess trimmings. For examples the espresso machines, where we can make concentrated coffee shots out of coffee beans, then we just add extra sweeteners, creamer, and milk that all of us enjoys its goodness when made in different coffee variations. The seasonings especially the sweeteners or sugar, that we add to our coffees are the ones watering down the nutrients of our coffee, turning the brew into a drinkable beverage. But nonetheless unchanged from tea, because what’s important is the benefit we can get from the coffee bean.