The health benefits of coffee to the skin.

girl drinking coffee
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Have you tried using coffee to your beauty regimen? Do you notice that the beauty industry is slowly incorporating coffee to their products? Well, it is no wonder why some other women even men are using coffee to their skincare routines because of its unique antioxidant components that are a powerful substance for the skin, and that is also the reason why the beauty industry today is adding coffee to some of their beauty products. The truth is, coffee has much higher antioxidant properties than berries.

Let us take a look at the health benefits of coffee to the skin.

Coffee is an effective shield against UV rays from the sun.

You might be raising your eyebrows right now, but yes, coffee is an effective shield against UV rays from the sun. Scientist believes that caffeine applied directly on the skin might help to block the harmful ultraviolet light from the sun that causes skin cancer. The active component in the coffee that helps shield the skin from sun damage is caffeine. Yes, caffeine in coffee is not only a giver of energy, but it is a powerful shield against the UV rays of the sun.

So, there is more reason why to drink coffee, right. Hence coffee is not only for a pick-me-up, but it is also beneficial to the skin. That is why Instead of throwing away the used coffee grounds, you can use them now to your beauty regimen, because coffee extract may help protect your skin against wrinkle formation and sun damage.

Some studies also say that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop skin cancer, especially melanoma, but this does not mean that you can replace your sunblock into just drinking coffee. Coffee may protect your skin from sun damage and aging effects, but still needs the help of other products, especially if you have skin problems.

Coffee improves your skin condition.

Aside from caffeine coffee is full of antioxidant properties that are beneficial for the skin. That is why many beauty companies these days are extracting coffee to their products. And that is also the reason why coffee scrubs are so popular, in fact, coffee scrubs are better to use because it is natural than the other brands that are using synthetic microbeads which is harmful to the environment.

Using coffee to your skin regimen can rehydrate your skin by reducing transepidermal water loss, increases the skin collagen, and elastin to look and feel firmer. However, coffee can improve skin condition, but it doesn’t cure the acne problem. Yes, that is true, coffee scrub is excellent for exfoliating which removes the dead skins leaving the skin soft and supple, but scrubbing can not cure the acne problem. The truth is, coffee scrub may worsen your acne breakouts because of the coffee grounds might be too aggressive for your skin that may irritate those already inflamed breakouts.

The coffee oil is a robust substance in coffee that is essential for the skin because coffee oil is similar to the anti-aging skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid.

Coffee for cellulite

DIY coffee scrubs is an effective remedy to remove cellulite the caffeine in coffee helps dilate blood vessels, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also helps the skin to become firmer due to the stimulating effects of caffeine to the skin by regenerating blood circulation and eliminating excess water. That is why next time you want to throw your used coffee grounds in the bin, think again because you can still do many things with it like formulating your coffee scrub at home.

How to make coffee scrub at home?