How Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

cup of coffee
Photo by Mike Kenneally

Apart from the world’s population are not coffee drinkers, but there is no denying that coffee is the number one beverage in almost all cities. So why do people love drinking coffee? Is it because it’s a trend or it’s because they are gaining something to it while enjoying the bittersweet of coffee?

One of the biggest topic when it comes to coffee is that, can coffee help you lose weight?

The answer is yes, but this depends on the person’s willingness to be fit, coffee can have a positive or negative impact on your BMI, but by following these simple four rules, you can maximize your coffee experience for weight loss.

Prepare Your Coffee At Home

When you want to lose weight it is better for you to make your coffee at home, than running into your local coffee shop for a latte or macchiato on your way to work. Coffee from the coffee shops has a lot of hidden calories into it which is not ideal for losing weight. And most of the time when we buy our coffee to coffee shops we are tempted into buying pastries to pair up with our coffee. “What starts off as a plan to get some plain coffee can easily turn into a large vanilla latte and doughnut, coming in around 800 calories.” That is why it is better to make our coffee at home because you are not just aiming to lose weight with the help of your coffee at the same time you are saving a lot of money.

Consume 400mg or Less For Energy and a Metabolism Boost

The Mayo Clinic suggests that up to 400mg of coffee a day is safe for most adults. That’s the equivalent to two large cups of coffee. Of course, it’s not only coffee you were just drinking the entire day you might be drinking other caffeinated drinks like soda throughout the day, so you might want to limit your daily dose of coffee to one cup in the morning. 400mg of coffee is enough to give you an energy boost for the entire day and helps keep your metabolism functioning, but anything beyond the 400mg per day can have negative side effects, one of which is an energy crash. So, when your energy is crashing you will feel tired, so eventually, you will turn to food as a way to wake yourself up causing an increase in overall calorie consumption. If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to be very in tune with your body and hunger, so it’s best to avoid anything that alters your energy and mood.

Avoid Sugary Extras

Having too much sugar in your food or drink is a major no, no when losing weight. Most of the time flavored creamers, sugar packets, and caramel drizzle have become a trend in peoples daily coffee these sugary products will make your coffee extra special, but the number of calories into it is outstanding making your body to gain more than losing weight. So instead of adding too many sweets to your cup of Joe why not switch to low-fat milk, yes at first, it tastes weird, but you just need to give time to your taste buds to adjust, and I’m sure you will be glad with the result.

“When you drink your calories, you don’t get the same satisfaction as biting, chewing, and swallowing, so you don’t feel as full. Aim to make your coffee with a low-fat or nonfat milk option and save your calories for a healthy solid-food breakfast.”

Drink Only in the Morning

Some people had a hard time falling a sleeping when drinking coffee so if you are one of them it’s better to consume your coffee only in the morning. A study by the University of Chicago showed lack of sleep has many negative effects on the body, including overeating and a higher risk of diabetes and obesity. Cutting off your coffee at a set time each morning will have a positive influence on your sleep and your waistline!

These are simple steps you can follow to achieved losing weight with the help of coffee. But there is no shortcut to achieving goals you still need a self-discipline and willingness to do things to achieved wellness.