Best Ways How You Can Add Protein To Your Coffee

How To Add Protein To Your Coffee

Coffee the gasoline of life, and what makes us human every morning. What makes it even more unique is that coffee contains antioxidant that helps prevent some diseases. Despite the antioxidant and caffeine fix, that coffee can give us you can still improve, and add protein to your everyday coffee to make it healthier.

Here are some of the best ways how to add protein to your coffee that suit to your healthy lifestyle.

Butter Coffee


There is no hearsay about adding butter to your coffee because fitness enthusiasts are also swearing about this trend and it is called the “Bulletproof Coffee.” Adding a grass-fed butter to your coffee can help coffee lovers stay full and burn fat by increasing the body’s production of ketones.

Egg coffee

Scandinavian Egg Coffee

Oh well, adding an egg to your coffee is not a new trend, in fact, egg coffee had been a long practice of Scandinavian over the years, and they called it “Scandinavian Egg Coffee.” This practice is a great way to add protein to your coffee by mixing raw egg to your brewing grounds and straining the concoctions.

Collagen Powder

Collagen powder

We see a lot of 5 in 1 coffee where it contains different food supplements that is why it’s no surprise if we can add collagen powder to our coffee. So, you can have a kick in of caffeine while a having an extra boost of collagen protein that can make your skin glowing.

Collagen is associated with beauty, and it is rich in amino acids which is good for the skin and other connective tissues.

Mushroom Coffee

mushroom latte

Mushroom latte is on trend lately, and there has been mixed opinion about this trend, but adding a dried mushroom to your coffee adds extra protein to it.
The varieties of cordyceps, chaga, and reishi which are all in the mushroom family are said to have immune-boosting, and stress-relieving properties.

Weigh protein

weigh protein and coffee

If you love to make yourself a smoothie in the morning before hitting up the gym or going for a run, you might want to add your smoothie an extra kick by combining coffee and weight protein. The combination will give you an extra boost of energy, getting the benefits of ranging from lowering cholesterol to supporting weight loss.

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