How To Grind Coffee Beans The Right Way



Drinking coffee every day is not enough to say you are a coffee lover. When you really love coffee you should know also know how to properly store them to stay fresh for a long time. Air is the enemy of all ground coffee when air comes contact with your grind coffee, the scent will evaporate and starts to lose their flavor. That is why if you notice at the supermarket, the repacked coffee sachets are air seals to maintain its flavor and texture while sitting long on the shelves of the supermarket. Before the coffee, manufacturers distributes the repacked coffee grinds to a retailer store, they vacuum seal each grind to maintain the flavor. But ones the air seals got busted, you will notice a changed in the coffee texture and flavor. That is why it’s best to buy fresh coffee beans and have it grind by yourself at home, to ensure a fresh and flavorsome cup of coffee.

But do know how to properly grind your coffee beans? A coffee grinder is a big help in grinding coffee, though it’s not because you have a coffee grinder that you can grind coffee beans the way you want. Different coffee beans require different types of grinding, each coffee beans has its own technique to get the exact taste . So you better start mastering how to use your coffee grinders to create the perfect grind of coffee.

A coarser grind is perfect for brewing your coffee in a percolator or french French coffee maker. The goal of achieving the coarser grind is to break the coffee beans into tiny coffee beans, not medium grinds. In order to do this, place the coffee beans in the coffee grinder and tap the grind button a few times until you achieved the perfect texture. If this is your first time doing this at home, you better have a backup of coffee beans, so that if you over do the grinding you can start up again. Remember to just tap the button until you get the perfect coffee texture and not too long press the button so that you will not over grind the coffee bean.

Next is the medium grind coffee beans, this type of grinds are similar to coffees that can be found in supermarkets. They are best to use in automatic drip coffee makers, they are best described as looking like a brown sand. Imagine you are walking on the beach and seeing the sand in between your toes and making the sand in your coffee maker, I think that is awesome! When grinding the coffee don’t be carried away, so that it will not turn into a fine coffee powder, we don’t want that to happen. Just press the button of the coffee grinder and watch closely till you get the right medium grind of the coffee beans.

Finally for espresso lovers, unlike the first two grinds of coffee that are a coarse and a medium grind , for espresso machines, you need a powdery grind of coffee beans to make the perfect shot of espresso.

The secret of having a fresh and flavorsome cup of coffee is grinding the coffee beans right before you brew your coffee. But still doing this for the first time may result in a bitter or weak taste of coffee, that’s why practice makes perfect! So learn how to perfectly grind your coffee beans to make a great cup taste of coffee.