How to Make a Christmas Coffee Theme Party

Christmas coffee theme party

Christmas parties is another fun activity for this season this is the time where we can have some fun to our co-workers, girlfriends, neighbors, and family members, this is the moment where we can spend time with no work-related or beating the deadlines, but just pure fun and mingles with one another.

So if you are planning to host a Christmas party, a coffee theme party is a great idea, because you can do a lot with coffee, and most of us enjoy coffee, and a Christmas coffee theme party will be a sweet treat for everyone before the festive season ends.

So here are some ideas on how you can make your Christmas party extra caffeinated.

A festive design of Warm in Gold Coffee Table
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Of course, when hosting a Christmas coffee theme party, your coffee table should be Christmas ready. Make sure to keep your ornaments simple and have a spacious space for board games, and magazine that your visitors can use anytime. Check our Christmas coffee tables for inspiration.

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Make your coffee bar the center of attraction by decorating in a festive way that will bring your place overflowing with cheer. When making your coffee bar make sure to have something for the kids, coffee lovers, and the non-coffee lovers. Check our list of Christmas coffee bars for inspiration.

Fun games to do for Christmas 2018

Fun games and activity is the highlight of your Christmas party that is why you should prepare ahead of time the games that will make your party more intimate and exciting. Check out 20 Super Fun Games to Play on Christmas.

The perfect coffee food pairings

Because you are hosting a coffee Christmas party the food that you will serve should not be a mammoth of a feast. Serve light food that will perfectly pair with coffee, hot chocolate, or cocktail drinks. Check out Coffee Pairings with Comfort Food.

Special Fall dessert to Pair with Coffee

Gingerbread Cupcake Recipe
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Black and brewed coffee is a classic coffee food pairing that goes well with chocolate and more, but when hosting a Christmas coffee party, you should not stick with the basic instead make a better coffee treat for everyone. Check our list of weekend coffee treats recipes for inspiration.

Christmas Coffee Gift Guides 2018

Lastly, if you will have a Christmas exchange gift, but you don’t know what to give to your coffee lover friends you can always give them a coffee mug, a coffee subscription box or you can go fancy and give them a coffee machine. Check out our coffee lovers Christmas gift guide.

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