How to Make A Tastier Cup Of Coffee In Different Variation

How to Make A Tastier Cup Of Coffee In Different Variation
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Coffee has become a large part of our everyday lives, each cup serves as a morning kicker to start the day. Most of the time when we catch up with our friends or we just want to chill by ourselves, we often go down to the nearest coffee house to grab a cup of coffee. Sometimes when we visit a place for a tour the first shop we often locate is the nearest coffee house in the location.

What do we often Order in the coffee house? Most of the time we go down to our local coffee house to order our favorite cup of coffee  like; espresso,lattes,cappuccino,cafe mocha and other coffee variations. But what makes these coffees taste so great? Is it their artistic presentation and fancy coffee cups?

Factors that affects the taste of our coffee are basically its recipe and the way it looks . So yes presentation is one factor in making a coffee taste good . Well, on the other hand, we all have differences in taste, style, and favorite coffee variation to our everyday cup of coffee. Depending  on how the coffee was rightfully prepared in factors of; grinding and roasting the coffee beans, the quantity of ingredient used,amount of water,boiling temperature and other small details that we might think it will not affect – but it will greatly affect the taste of our coffee when executed in a right or wrong way.

When recreating at home the goodness of the coffee we often ordered at the coffee house, we imagine that it’s like mixing a “3in1” instant coffee where we just steer and sip the goodness of it.  But do we really know how to make a real good coffee? Do we have the proper technique in recreating the captivating flavor or our favorite coffee variation we often ordered at the coffee house? Here are some basic list of how to make a tastier cup of coffee the different variations.

Cappuccino – one of the favorites by many, a lot were saying that cappuccino is the same as cafe latte, but for sure they have their differences especially in mixture. To make a perfect coffee house style cappuccino, all ingredients must be all equally part steamed, especially the frothed milk and shots of coffee. There is no exact measure of the ingredients, the taste may depend on how you want your coffee to be strong and creamy. After getting the right richness of the coffee shots , milk then gets poured on top of the shot and finished up by topping any seasoning of your choice; a nutmeg, cinnamon or chocolate powder adds extra goodness for our cup of cappuccino.

Cafe Mocha – perhaps this is the easiest coffee variation you can do at home, where you can incorporate your taste and style for coffee. There is no limit on how you go far, for your hot chocolate and coffee shots for creating your perfect blend of cafe mocha.  The secret recipe for creating a coffee house blend cafe mocha is a quality hot chocolate and a shot of coffee. There is no exact measure of how strong the coffee shot should be, this will depend on you. Of course, you can’t have a perfect cafe mocha without the richness of milk poured and the creaminess of the whipped cream on top, and dusting a small amount of chocolate powder. Enjoy more the goodness of your homemade cafe mocha  when serves on a clear glass cup having a long-stemmed spoon.

Lattes – This coffee variation is so much easy to do, it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients because all you need is just two.  Well, to be exact all you need is a coffee and milk. Lattes are foamy in mixture and the difference between cappuccino – milk and coffee are blended well together while in cappuccino the two ingredients are kept in two parts. To create homemade lattes the ratio or each ingredient must be 50% coffee and 50% milk steamed to 75 degrees (C) . To get the richness of the flavor, slowly pour the milk on the side of the cup to slowly infuse with the coffee shot.

Espresso – this is the trickiest coffee variation to do at home, a lot who tried making their own espresso ends up on doing it wrong. One of the common mistake in creating espresso is the availability or choice for the right coffee bean used. Good coffee bean is crucial for making great espresso. and if you like coffee espresso, most likely you’re a lover of all things coffee and you should know the best coffee bean to use to create a great taste coffee espresso. Follow these instruction to do your homemade coffee espresso;

  • Coffee beans are the most important ingredients to make espresso. When making  coffee espresso make sure to it that our coffee beans are finely ground to get the right kick of the espresso shot.
  • When packing the grind coffee bean  in the coffee bag, make it sure to pack carefully and firmly.
  • To make your coffee espresso, you need a high-pressure coffee machine or use an alternative of a stove top model coffee maker to brew the ground coffee.
  • When doing your espresso shot make small amount first and not to have much coffee at ones.
  • To have a perfect house blend espresso, you should see the cream perfectly floating on top on the golden-brown foam.
  • Lastly to enjoy the goodness, serve on a suitable espresso coffee cup to keep the coffee warm and more enjoyable.

These are simple steps that you can follow to make a tastier cup of your everyday coffee in different variations. We all have different taste on how we want our coffees to be; strong,sweet, smooth or creamy. We all have a different blend of taste buds, so making our perfect variation of coffee is all up to us. If you want to create a tastier cup of coffee then make one, you can follow our guide for the different coffee variations. But if you have a special guest, you might want to make a safer mix of coffee, just make a basic blend and not a difficult one. Whether you like coffee espresso,coffee latte,cappuccino, or coffee mocha just follow the simple list to create your perfect blend of coffee.