How To Make Your Coffee Fresh Before and After Brewing


Coffee brewing is an art itself that needs passion in doing. Constant practice and determination is the key to making a perfect brew of coffee. Regardless of how you want to brew your coffee the most important part is to know the basic guidelines that will help you make a better cup of Joe.

1. Always Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean

This step seems pretty simple, but most of the time we are lazy to deep clean our Coffee makers every after use. To keep your coffee fresh always clean your coffee maker because both water and coffee can build up in your machine over time, and detract the taste of your coffee over time.

2, Only Use Clean Water

Coffee is 98% percent water that is why you need fresh water to create a perfect cup of brew. The quality of your brew is heavily dependent upon the quality of the water that you use. You can use tap water, that is fine, but if you’re not comfortable using it the best option is to use filtered bottled water.

Keep in mind that the ^harder^ your water is the stronger your coffee will be. Most of the time the harder the water you use creates undesirable tastes in your coffee.

3. Always Keep Your Coffee Fresh

It is easy to keep your coffee fresh, the enemies of storing coffee are air, light, heat and moisture. When you’re unable to store your coffee properly it will affect the quality, and taste of it when brewed. When storing your coffee beans, keep in an airtight container and store at a room temperature.

4. Only Use The Right Amount Of Coffee

The coffee golden rule was ” to use one slightly rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for every 6oz. of water.” But the right amount is always different for everyone. You can always experiment how weak or strong your coffee should be, but the basic measurement is 1.50 ounces of coffee for a standard 12 cup pot of brew. Then you can always add from that amount if you think you need more flavor.

5. Brew At Right Temperature

Don’t go overboard with the heat when brewing, always brew at the right temperature to create rich a flavorsome coffee. The coffee brewing temperature varies depending on the type of coffee you are making.

Regular coffee brewing temperature is between 195 Ferenheight and 200 Ferenheight, just below boiling pint. For Espresso it is brewed under pressure, and at a slightly higher temperature.

6. Keeping Your Coffee Fresh Even After Brewing

Ones the coffee is brewed it starts to lose flavor and aroma. The breakdown of your coffee starts after 15 minutes after brewing. The exposure to air and heat causes the coffee to break down creating a bad taste. To keep the freshness of your brewed coffee, transfer your coffee into an airtight insulated carafe, thermos, or airpot immediately after brewing. This will help to keep your coffee fresher for a longer period of time and help retain the brewed coffee’s temperature.