How To Make Your Coffee Low In Acid

How to make your coffee low in acid

Less GERD, and stomach friendly.

Do you often experience acid reflux every after drinking coffee? Well, I guess most of us do, but we can’t stop drinking our favorite cup of Joe even thou we often feel the unpleasant taste of the gerd because of drinking coffee.

But did you know that you can lower your coffee acidity? Yes, you can do that!So here’s how to do it.

Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Both your coffee beans and your brewing method make a difference in the acidity of your morning cup of joe. Selecting with naturally low in acid is the first step in reducing the acid in your coffee, and decrease the likelihood of stomach upset.

Most of the time low acid coffee is milder than other coffee beans that is why they are known as stomach-friendly coffee because they have less acid to it. Low acid coffee beans have undergone a thorough process with steam or solvents to reduce acid. Coffee from Brazil, Sumatra, and Hawaii tend to be naturally lower in acid than most coffees, and many coffees from the Caribbean and India are also low in acid. When you go coffee shopping, and you want to know if the coffee beans are low in acid you can check the region in which it’s grown and the coffee acidity level in the product description.

Low acid dark roast coffee beans

Don’t judge the looks by its appearance because it doesn’t mean dark roast coffee has more acid to than light roast coffee. In fact, dark roast coffee, which includes French roast and Italian, is less acidic than medium and light roast coffee. Yes, that is true because the longer the coffee is roasted, the darker it becomes while it undergoes chemical changes, resulting in lower acidity. Dark roast coffee stimulates less stomach acid secretion than a lighter roast, and it has less caffeine than lighter roasts. So, if you buy coffee in bulk, look for dark beans because it has less acid to it.