How To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy?

Coffee Health

Get all the nutrients of your coffee by doing these simple steps.

We know that coffee contains the highest amount of antioxidants that is why it’s healthy and gives us a lot of health benefits. But did you know that you can make your coffee even healthier? Yes, that is right! You can make your coffee much healthier by doing these simple steps.

Do NOT Load Your Coffee With Sugar

Coffee with sugar

Sugar is the worst ingredient in the modern diet that gives us the unhealthy lifestyle. Sugar is the easiest way to turn coffee into something completely unsuitable for human consumption.

Sugar is unhealthy because of the high amount of fructose in it that can cause a lot of serious diseases obesity and diabetes.

So if you want to get all the nutrients drink your coffee straight black with no sugar but if you can’t live without a sweetener in your coffee, you can use an alternative sweetener like stevia.

No Caffeine After 2 PM

Coffee o'clock

One of the main reasons why we drink coffee is the energy it gives to our body. Caffeine gives us a jolt of energy and helps us stay awake when we feel tired. But if you’re having a hard time getting sleep after drinking coffee it is better not to drink coffee before going to bed so that it will not interfere with our sleep.

Abstaining from coffee after 2-3 p.m. is a good guideline, depending on the time you go to bed and how sensitive you are to the caffeine.

Add Cinnamon To Your Coffee

cinnamon coffee

Cinnamon is a tasty herb that mixes particularly well with the flavor of coffee.

Studies show that cinnamon can lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides in diabetics. If you need some flavor, try adding a dash of cinnamon. It’s surprisingly good.

Brew Your Coffee Using a Paper Filter

Coffee filter

Brewed coffee may contain harmful substances known as diterpenes, which can raise cholesterol levels in the blood.

However, getting rid of them is simple, just use a paper filter.
Brewing coffee with a paper filter effectively removes all the diterpenes but lets the caffeine and beneficial antioxidants pass through.

Add Some Cocoa to Your Coffee


Adding cocoa to your coffee is not just yummy but also healthy. Cocoa is loaded with antioxidants and associated with all sorts of health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease.

Avoid Low-Fat and Artificial Creamers

Coffee creamer

There are a lot of artificial creamers and low-fat products we see in the supermarket every day. This commercial product tends to be highly processed and full of unnatural, harmful ingredients. Most of the time they have a high level of fructose corn syrup and trans fats in it which are not good to our body.

Instead of adding artificial creamers to your cup of Joe consider adding some full-fat cream, preferably from grass-fed cows.

Do Not Use Artificial Sweeteners

Nowadays there are lots of artificial sweeteners on the market that are calorie free that sounds good and healthy but on the other hand, artificial sweeteners are a lot worst than putting sugar in our coffee.

Multiple observational studies associate artificial sweeteners with all sorts of health problems. That is why when you want a little bit sweet use stevia – it’s a natural sugar alternative that tastes like sugar.

If you want to get all the nutrients from your coffee it is better to drink it black. Unsweetened coffee is wonderful if you just give yourself some time to get used to it.

SOURCE: healthline