Iced cold coffee has been changing the game in the coffee industry. Coffee lovers are embracing this whole new idea and coffee companies sees this as potential revenue generators whether it’s a small kiosk or as cafe menu items. But iced cold coffee is only a general term, and there is more to know about it.

Here are the types of iced cold coffee we came across every day.

Cold Brew – the common type of cold coffee done through cold brewing. The process is done through coffee steeped in water that’s not hot, leaving the coffee steeped in 24hours in a cold temperature or best stored inside the refrigerator.

Iced Coffee – coffee brewed hot in any standard brewing method, served cold, over ice.

Nitro Coffee – Nitro is most closely associated with the cold brew, though the nitro treatment could be applied to any brew. With today’s booming industry of cold coffee the nitro coffee infused is one of the most used in making canned coffee products like the rise coffee, hotbox roasters, nitro coffee stout and more.

Slow Drip Cold Brew – The process tends to take anywhere from three to 24 hours depending on volume and personal preference.

Hot-Bloomed Cold Brew –
this is a standard cold brew with a unique first step of using hot water to “bloom” the coffee before adding cold water. Blooming the coffee is intended to promote a more even extraction while also drawing out more of the acids and other volatile compounds that contribute to a balance of attributes more indicative of a given coffee’s origin characteristics.

Flash-chilled Coffee – The principle is the same as the Japanese directly-onto-ice method, but with more control over the chilling process and more flexibility over its dilution later, including the option not to dilute at all.

Pressure-Brewed Coffee –
Often lumped in with the standard cold brew, this can be similar in that it can involve a long steep at lower temperatures.

Japanese Iced Coffee –
This is my fist time hearing this kind of cold coffee. Japanese iced coffee is coffee brewed hot, directly onto ice. This differs from an unspecified “iced coffee” in that it is brewed directly onto ice.

So. how do you like to do your iced cold coffee?