OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Material: Stainless Steel, Glass
Brand: OXO
Color: Glass
Human Interface: Input Touchscreen
Model Name: OXO BREW Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

About this item

Brews low acid Coffee concentrates to prepare hot or cold Coffee Compact size takes up less space on countertops and in refrigerators Draining starts automatically when brewer is placed on carafe Rainmaker evenly distributes water over Coffee grounds Lid keeps Coffee maker covered and protected while brewing Yields up to 16 ounce of coffee concentrate



Brew smooth Coffee concentrate without taking up precious counter space with the OXO brew compact cold brew Coffee maker. Don't let its size fool you, the Coffee maker brews enough Coffee concentrate to last a week. We kept the design simple; add ground beans and pour water into the rainmaker top, it distributes water evenly over the grounds for a better, richer flavor. Brew 12 – 24 hours on your counter or fridge, then place the brewer onto the borosilicate glass carafe to automatically drain. The ultra-fine, reusable stainless steel mesh filter prevents grounds from escaping into your brew. The carafe stopper has a silicone seal to keep the concentrate fresh. When you’re done, The brewer and carafe nest for easy storage.

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