Hawaii's Local Buzz Premium Black Label Peaberry, Green (Unroasted) Beans, 9 Ounce

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Hawaii's Local Buzz Premium Black Label Peaberry, Green (Unroasted) Beans, 9 Ounce

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Brand: Hawaii's Local Buzz
Flavor: Dark Roast
Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
Package Information: Bag Weight 9 Ounces

About this item

  • Award winning 100% Hawaiian ka'u coffee
  • Sustainably grown and produced in a manner consistent with fair trade practices
  • Hand-picked and roasted in small batches on our family farm
  • 100% grown in the USA


Hawaii's local buzz premium black label coffee is literally the best of the best - the finest beans available from the award-winning ka'u (pronounced kah-ooo) region on the big island of hawaii. Ka'u beans are grown at high elevations on the southern slope of mauna loa, where the young volcanic soil is especially rich. The trees that produce hawaii's local buzz coffee cherry are grown using sustainable agricultural practices that respect and protect the aina (hawaiian for the land), resulting in a smooth and surprisingly low-acid coffee. And unlike most kona coffee, we use a mix of 100% arabica beans (typica, red caturra, and yellow caturra), which gives our coffee an intriguingly sweet and complex flavor. Our peaberry coffee is a rare treat - only 5 - 7% of the crop. While normal coffee beans grow two to a fruit, peaberry beans pack all the flavor of two beans into a single concentrated bean. Their rich and smooth taste is sought after by coffee connoisseurs the world over.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Calories Per Serving No
Fat Calories Per Serving No
Nutrition Facts Per Serving No
Coffee Roast No
Caffeine Type Caffeinated
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