QQ Studio Pack of 100 Matte/Glossy Color Stand-Up Foil Resealable Zipper Pouches (3.3" x 5.1", Matte Pink)

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QQ Studio Pack of 100 Matte/Glossy Color Stand-Up Foil Resealable Zipper Pouches (3.3" x 5.1", Matte Pink)

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  • 3.3" x 5.1"
  • Zipper Seal: Two interlocking plastic strips fit together to form a tight grip seal. This zipper seal creates a reliable closure that can be easily opened and then re-sealed. These bags are reusable thanks to the zipper seal.
  • Durable: 3.5-MIL thick metallic foil provide durability and protects inner contents from UV and water vapor damage. Pack, transport and story without worry.
  • Multi-purpose: Our mylar foil bags are suitable for ANY powdered or dry goods.
  • Heat Sealable: Prolong the shelf-life of your product by heat sealing after filling. We recommend impulse heat sealers.
  • Tear Notches:- Once these pouches are heat-sealed, they can be easily opened by pulling on one of the two tear notches. These notches allow the opener to cleanly open the package without stretching or creating a messy, jagged tear.


Our StandStrong resealable bags provides extraordinary protection for your coffee beans, confectionery, nuts, and any of your powdered beverage products will be kept fresh and ensured to not become stale. Our reliable QuickQlick opening allows you to easily close the package, and re-seal it to maintain the contents shelf life. For an added layer of protection, heat the package to render it airtight. An airtight package is the only way to assure that the stored product stays fresh. Our 3.5-4 mils thick Metallized Mylar Foil will block out any moisture or UV rays. These elements risk degrading your product, causing coffee to go stale or powders to become clumped together. Our thick metallized mylar foil material prevents this from happening, and once the package is heat-sealed, the product will have a long and stable shelf life. The bottom gusset on these packaging bags increases the internal capacity, as well as enable the bag to sit upright on countertops or shelves.

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