Specialty Coffee Altitude BIO – Limited Edition – 8.8 oz. Whole Bean

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Specialty Coffee Altitude BIO – Limited Edition – 8.8 oz. Whole Bean

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Exceptional blend of coffees from small, certified organic land plots, such as the Planadas terroir (Columbia)100% Arabica of the Tolima region, Dulli (Ethiopia) 100% Arabica from wild coffee forests, and Marcala (Honduras) 100% Arabica of the Cosma cooperative.

A complex coffee whose soft, chocolatey aromas transform on the palate to reveal powerful and persistant floral notes.

Three Grand Crus offering the full wealth of aromas and flavours inherent to organic coffees of great prestige.

Floral, fruity, chocolatey

Taste Note
Jasmine, citrus & chocolate

Ethiopia: “Torban Anfillo” Cooperative
Colombia: Camilo Enciso « ASOPEP »
Honduras: COMSA Cooperative

Ethiopia: Wallaga (Nekemte)
Colombia: Tolima
Honduras: Marcala

Arabica: 100%

Ethiopia: Moka Heirloom
Colombia: Caturra, Typica
Honduras: Pacas, Typica




Ethiopia – Colombia – Honduras

From the birthplace of Arabica in Anfilloo district’s Wallagga region, this organic washed coffee, sourced from wild coffee forests, offers the full abundance of flavours and aromas of a Grand Cru.
The coffee trees grow under natural forest shade, in large forests accessible only by foot due to the density of the trees and topography of the land. They join together small plots cultivated by 35 small local producers delivering the “Moka Longberry” variety coffee cherries, carefully sought after for their soft aromas.
This exceptional terroir delivers a wonderfully unique cup thanks to the remarkable quality and richness of the soil and the variety and botanical diversity of the highland region.

Located in the south of Planadas, Tolima, on the foothills of the Andes mountain range, the Camilo Enciso association brings together more than 70 small organic producers with 3 to 4 hectares each.
The plantations, situated at altitudes between 1600 and 2000 meters, focus on old varieties (non-resistant to rust) such as Caturra, Bourbon, and Typica, which today is extremely rare.
The volcanic soil, paired with the temperate and humid climate of the country’s south-east, afford this 100% organic coffee rather unique qualities: fine notes of jasmine and fruity aromas of peach and blackcurrant.

Following strict organic agriculture practices, Honduras coffee is cultivated in La Paz in the municipality of Marcala, situated at 1200-1700m altitude. It is the product of many small producers, partnered within the COSMA cooperative (Café Organico Marcala). They work together to run their plantations following very strict environmental values. The approximately 700 small producers regularly receive training on a range of topics, from degustation to organic agriculture.

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Additional Information

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