Knowing The Coffee Aroma


Do you wake up in the morning because of the pleasant coffee aroma? Well most of us do!Coffee provides us a “pick me up” we need every morning, but did you know that aroma is not just about the smell? Aroma is responsible for all the coffee attributes other than the mouthfeel and sweet, salt, bitter, and sour taste that is perceived by the tongue. Therefore, aroma might consider as the most important component of specialty coffee.

Roasting triggers the chemical process within the beans causing the development of volatile compounds that contribute to the aroma profile. But not all coffee beans provides a strong scent like the green coffee beans which have a limited aroma that is often described as providing green or musty notes.

There are two types how we can determine the aroma of coffee;

1. It can be sense nasally via smelling through our nose.
2. It can be taste through our mouth by swallowing, and aromatic volatile compounds drift upward into the nasal passage.

Aroma of coffee is not just a single component, in fact, the aromatic compounds increase every year. Today the number is over 800 coffee elements make up the fragrance we know as the coffee aroma. Humans tend to love scents because it touches many of our scent receptors. These scents help us to connect around including with coffee, and this is the reason why we are drawn to the scent of our coffee aroma every morning.

The smell of the coffee triggers a good feeling, memories, and even trauma, so it is no wonder that it triggers our feeling of wakefulness. When we smell the coffee it signals our brain that caffeine is on the way, which provides stimulation and this one of the reasons why we are addicted to caffeine.