Lemonade Iced Coffee Is the Ultimate Summer Drink This Season

Lemonade coffee with coffee beans

Lemonade and iced coffee are the thirsts quenching drinks during the hot summer days. One coffee shop in Raleigh, North Carolina called Jubala Coffee is combining lemonade with tonic water, lemon syrup and cold brew coffee to create lemonade iced coffee.

The combination of this drink seems like an overpowering combination of bitter acidity and harsh sours that may be unappealing to the majority of coffee drinkers.

Slate writer Jessica Rotenbergs says, “It had the complexity of a really good cocktail. The tonic water provided an energizing boost. It was slightly sweet, but not cloyingly so. The lemon didn’t overpower my taste buds either. The coffee flavor was subtle at the beginning, but asserted itself at the end with those familiar toasty notes.”

Rotenberg added, “By the time I had taken my last sip, I felt smug in knowing that I now belonged to a group of bold and daring coffee lemonade ambassadors: It was effing delicious.”

Tonic water is bitter in taste, but the bitterness of the coffee and tonic water is modified by the lemon syrup and somehow create a reportedly complex floral and citrus flavor. The drink is served without sweetener or creamer, and most likely popular to people who enjoy a sharp black iced coffee.

Jubala Lemonade Iced Coffee
Jubala Coffee

Lemonade iced coffee, lemon, and citrus flavors are not a new trend in the coffee world. In fact, lemony coffee blends have already existed like the Ecco Caffee’s Rwanda Bufcafe and the Panama Esmeralda Estate Coffee before the lemonade iced coffee introduces to the public.

Coffee shops like Stand Coffee and Keepers Sparkling Co. have already introduced caffeinated citrusy drinks to their consumers. The carbonated citrus cold brew created through a Japanese flash brewing method by Keepers Sparkling Co. is a must try for the summer

The lemonade iced coffee is not yet a staple drink in the US, but there are hundreds of online recipes provided, to create caffeinated citrusy drinks just in time for the summer season.

Source Study Breaks